STEM Discovery Week 2019 – Best practices in using innovative STEM resources

STEM Discovery Week 2019 is a joint international initiative that invites projects, organisations and schools across Europe and around the world, to celebrate studies and careers in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The tagline for this year’s campaign “Best practices in using innovative STEM resources” with the aim to highlight best practices in current STEM teaching across Europe through using innovative resources.

On the STEM Discovery Week 2019 blog, participants of the Scientix and the SYSTEMIC & Scientix competitions are invited to report on their STEM Discovery Week activities and actions.

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This blog is also a platform for teachers and other education practitioners to share, exchange and interact about their STEM practices. We encourage you to explore the blog, see others teachers’ examples and get inspiration from the community for your teaching.

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  1. Students from the Secondary School of Voievod Neagoe Basarab in Bucharest Romania will celebrate the STEM Discovery Week 2019 through exhibitions with their Physics and Art projects.

  2. How does a living creature become a fossil?
    WORKSHOP #1-What Are Fossils?
    These exercises explore the mysterious processes that keep evidence of past life.
    Through thinking, children will be able to explain much of the mystery surrounding fossils and fossilization . In these mysterious processes, students will come with the help of biology teachers – how they are created-creating fossils, geography sedimentary rocks, physics and chemistry -fossil fuels.They will also be helped by the book Evolution that is used by Scientix resources.
    WORKSHOP #2 Investigate animal fossils
    The investigations of this standard have many hands-on activities. They will help students know what the different fossils are a some activities also compare fossils to living organisms of today to see if the organisms still exist or are extinct.
    WORKSHOP #3 Making your fossil
    This practical involves students making fossils from shells or plants using plaster.
    Demonstrate how to make a fossil by modelling the process to them and using the video
    Your challenge is to making fossils
    The continual advances in technology are changing the way students learn, connect and interact every day. Skills developed by students through STEM provide them with the foundation to succeed at school and beyond.

  3. Stem Keşif haftasında eTwinning Stem Kulübünden Stem festivaline projesi ortakları stem challenge etkinliği yapacaktır.

  4. “We will organise several activities in STEM Discovery Week. Our activities are now in STEM Discovery Week 2019 Map.
    1. Natural Sources
    2. Solving Problems Using Technology
    3. Augmented Reality of Social Activities
    Teacher: Işıl Gülmez
    School: 6 Nisan Anadolu Lisesi
    Bursa / Turkey

  5. Hi, Turkey Çorum Lachin District of career discovery stem the week we attended the 2019 week. E twinning stem from the project ”Stemle Öğreniyorum Geleceğimi Kodluyorum” within the scope of the project with our partners. We created our boards in our schools. We distributed the space dome plow. We divided our classes into five groups.Our students researched about space. They decided which geometric objects to use. They decided which decorations to use in our space dome. They made artistic structures. They gave a presentation. We built the space dome in our classes. we exhibited our work in our classes. We have presented these works in other classes. We have published on our school’s website.
    Our website:
    blog of our

  6. One of the events in Malta for STEM Discovery Week 2019 sees two girls schools using STEM driven workshops, of 40 minutes duration each, linking Sciences and Maths to Art. At the same time students have the opportunity to meet the presenters who work in labs, Science research industries, University of Malta and different NGOs (non-government organisations) and relate to STEM careers from their presenters’ shared experience on their role/ career.

    Each workshop is made up of a team of 12 students who after a short introduction on STEM careers would be introduced to a practical problem and encouraged to explore a solution using different resources and creativity. Use of dice, games, role play, drawing, blocks, etc… link to DNA, height of a mountain, buildup of charges and circuits, sound and what is happening in the ozone layer.

    An event where STEM fun in a TEAM gives STEAM!

  7. hello
    türkiye,rize,tobb ilkokulu,30.04.2019
    Stem Discovery Week
    we made the stem challenge with 1st week students.students became 4 grops.produced solutions to the given scenario.
    They compete, they share design.we made the stem festival

  8. We made our STEM Discovery Week 2019 activities which we prepared as the Köşk 100th Year Atatürk Middle School (Köşk 100. Yıl Atatürk Ortaokulu) STEM Coordinator on 25th April with great excitement.
    Our students have enjoyed the discovery in all activities in the guidance of our science teacher Burçin Çelik, mathematics teachers Hasan Basri Özcan and Mehmet Kazanci, Visual Arts course teacher Alev Yenice, Information Technology teacher Volkan Seçkin.

    Click here to watch our promotional video:

    Our students designed their own sky with the art of marbling, designed galileoscopes, spacecraft, exhibited space suits and discovered constellations.

    It’s impossible to express our feelings exactly about what we’re doing here. We recommend that you do this event because the happiness of being able to teach to our students and give a meaning to their basic informations about the Space is invaluable.

    Click here to watch a section of our event:

    We would like to thank all the students and teachers who contributed to the Köşk 100th Year Atatürk Middle School ( Köşk 100. Yıl Atatürk Ortaokulu) as a part of the day-long activity, and wish them success in the Stem Alliance Competition.

    Click here for the presentation of the event:

    Please click here to access all our activities:

    As we said on the first day of our journey, our motto is always the same:
    ”STEAM is born of love!“


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