Big Conversations with Small Groups

Author: Ayse Karaul Arslan

Bilsem (Science and Art Center) students meet scientists!
We are holding “Big Conversations with Small Groups” online meeting session throughout April. We hosted a guest every week and asked what we wondered. In total, 14 people (7 pupils, 6 professionals, and 1 teacher) joined this webinar series.

Our aim: to provide deep knowledge for gifted students of the issues we are curious about, to prevent special, talented children from staying away from science during Covid-19 and to meet STEM professionals and scientists.

Our guests

1st week:

Click here for our first conversation with Mr. Sinan Yirmibeşoğlu (Captain Research Assistant from ITU Faculty of Maritime) about global climate change from polar research perspective.

What did we talk about?

  • What is global warming?
  • What is the effect of the Coriolis force?
  • In which region is the ozone layer thinner?
  • What is the significance of Piri Reis’s map?
  • How do the oceans meet our need for oxygen?
  • How does plastic pollution affect oxygen production?
  • How does the difference of solar reflectors in different regions affect the climate?
  • What is the Albedo scale?
  • How does global warming affect transportation to Antarctica?
  • How did the Paris Agreement come about?
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Stay at Home, STEM at Home!

Author: Ayse Karaul Arslan

In this STEM event which was held on 20 – 28 April 2020, we exhibited on our Bilsem website the STEM products created by our children at their homes. Our pupils produced and shared with their STEM products. And then, other pupils voted for the best product. We organized 3 different STEM product categories.

1. My Rocket

2. My Fastest Vehicle

3. My Wind Turbine

As mentioned before, this event took place in our schools’ website.

Online exhibitions or online contests can always are suitable for all ages and levels. Covid-19 made the process to be held online mandatory. Since we have attended STEM Discovery Week 2018, students know the subject and we love to participate in it. We announced the event by informing student groups by sharing the information on social media. We involved the students at 3rd and 4th grades at the primary school level, also students from 5th, 6th and 7th grades at the secondary school level.

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Drip Irrigation System with STEM

We know that water is very important in life. Our daily life problem was how can we use less water in agriculture? Together with my pupils we decided to make a drip irrigation system with STEM apoach.

We try to design a drip irrigation system with a STEM approach and share it with the public, other students and teachers. Also, we wanted to share an alternative plant growing kit with the plant growing tubes.

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Asteroid Designers and Hunters

Firstly, we learned what is an asteroid, meteor, meteorites, comets and different properties. After that, we wanted to learn how LTImage is working which we will try to use to hunt asteroids. Then, we used a Scientix resource “CREATING ASTEROIDS” at the beginning and after downloading the LTI software, we read about it and shared students paper.

We already hunted asteroids via different software. My pupils are interested in asteroid research and want to learn more about them.

We used; “CREATING ASTEROIDS” ( and HUNTING FOR ASTEROIDS  ( from Scientix Resources.

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