Drip Irrigation System with STEM

We know that water is very important in life. Our daily life problem was how can we use less water in agriculture? Together with my pupils we decided to make a drip irrigation system with STEM apoach.

We try to design a drip irrigation system with a STEM approach and share it with the public, other students and teachers. Also, we wanted to share an alternative plant growing kit with the plant growing tubes.

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Asteroid Designers and Hunters

Firstly, we learned what is an asteroid, meteor, meteorites, comets and different properties. After that, we wanted to learn how LTImage is working which we will try to use to hunt asteroids. Then, we used a Scientix resource “CREATING ASTEROIDS” at the beginning and after downloading the LTI software, we read about it and shared students paper.

We already hunted asteroids via different software. My pupils are interested in asteroid research and want to learn more about them.

We used; “CREATING ASTEROIDS” (http://www.scientix.eu/resources/details?resourceId=19997) and HUNTING FOR ASTEROIDS  (http://www.scientix.eu/resources/details?resourceId=6876) from Scientix Resources.

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