The Green Online LEGO Inspiration from Bulgaria

Author: Bilyana Yordanova

In the 2020 STEM Discovery Campaign, we are presenting our socially significant project, which we called “The Green LEGO School”. We are the PMGKN Little Robotics team at High School of Math and Science “Prof. Emanuil Ivanov” Kyustendil. We met twice a week at school before school closure and now because of COVID-19 we meet in a virtual classroom.

We have a LEGO Mindstorm robot that we use to accomplish our missions. We work as a team, by trials and errors and getting better. Our team member Vanessa:

“Our team is very positive, it has an age group of 5th – 7th grade classes, which makes it even funnier and cooler”.

We get along with each other very well. All of us аrе doing something that we are good at. “Problem-solving and decision-making are important to us to achieve our goal – learning to allocate our time, our roles, to work together. We get guidance from our mentors. We are very pleased when our missions are successful and we come up with interesting things.”

Our activities

Finding and displaying the environmental problem

We are part of Robotics for Bulgaria initiative and they have challenged us this season to solve a particular problem in the area of settlements. How do we imagine the city of the future and what are its problems?

Please find here more photos of our activities.

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STEM Discovery Week – Kyustendil – Bulgaria

The Open House Day in High School of Maths and Science „Prof. Emanuil Ivanov” Kyustendil, takes the form of workshops, demonstrations, quizzes and interesting events. Students and teachers in different fields demonstrate to future students, from different schools in our city, how interesting and useful is to deal with STEM science.

The tagline for this year’s campaign is “best practices in using innovative STEM resources”. The primary focus of this year’s campaign is to showcase how educational materials and other learning resources are used in educational activities.

We will tell you how teachers with their knowledge and experience, with the help of prominent students, make the educational process much more interesting and related to real life.


Demonstration of experimental behavior of plant and animal cells in osmosis.

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