Mirrors and Kaleidoscope

Author: Edina Dorovic

Preschoolers from Subotica, Serbia are taking part in eTwinning projects for already a couple of years. Our Preschool Institution “Naša radost” is encouraging teachers to take part in STEM projects, and we are enjoying these little science adventures a lot.


The group called “Ladybugs” (from the kindergarten “Šumica”) teamed up with two other groups from the same kindergarten, and some international partners: Hungary (two classes) and Romania (one class). Our journey with science, physics and optics started in March 2020 with an eTwinning project “Tükröm, tükröm…” (“Mirro, mirror”). We used fairy tales and stories about mirrors to evoke interest in STEM subjects in our preschoolers. We used cameras, mobile phones to capture reflective images in our classroom, yard, street etc.

The project “Tükröm, tükröm…” (“Mirro, mirror”) was prepared for the Digital Theme Week (held in Hungary) held on 23 – 27 March 2020.

Project logo

Our goal was to introduce children to the world of science by working on digital competencies. We used a lot of web tools: Metaverse, Musiclab, Permadi.

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STEM Discovery Week in Subotica

The “Naša Radost” Preschool organisation (Šumica kindergarten) is for the first time joining the STEM Discovery Week with two projects: “A STEM story” and “Meses kalandok”! In the first project, we will use a Scientix resource about water experiments, and the second is an eTwinning project with 3 other project partners.

  ” MESES KALANDOK”  (Fairytale adventures)

From 8-19 th April ,2019


This project was a collaboration between 4 countries: Serbia, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. We came to the idea around the Digital Theme week which was organized in Hungary in April, and we chose to make a mini-eTwinnig project for easier communication and collaboration. The main idea was to make a project about Hungarian fairytales, but in an innovative, modern and digital way. The age of the included children was from 5-9.

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