STEM Discovery Week in Subotica

The “Naša Radost” Preschool organisation (Šumica kindergarten) is for the first time joining the STEM Discovery Week with two projects: “A STEM story” and “Meses kalandok”! In the first project, we will use a Scientix resource about water experiments, and the second is an eTwinning project with 3 other project partners.

  ” MESES KALANDOK”  (Fairytale adventures)

From 8-19 th April ,2019

This project was a collaboration between 4 countries: Serbia, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. We came to the idea around the Digital Theme week which was organized in Hungary in April, and we chose to make a mini-eTwinnig project for easier communication and collaboration. The main idea was to make a project about Hungarian fairytales, but in an innovative, modern and digital way. The age of the included children was from 5-9.

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