Marvelous STEM days

“Say yes to STEM!”- was the greatest challenge that I got as a teacher, a challenge so fruitful and joyful that turned into a habit. About one year ago I first heard about stem type integrated activities. Trying to implement them in my class was a success, both for me as a teacher and also for my students. So, from my first attempt to organize stem activities until today, this became a constant concern in preparing my lessons. By sharing these activities, I want to encourage other teachers to be interested in and to “say yes to STEM”.

          The activities from STEM Discovery Week were planned over the course of many days, some were implemented as a 3 weeks project, others as daily lessons. The project was called “4 Life essential elements: earth, air, water and fire”, but we also had separated other days dedicated to stem topics related or not with this theme.

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