Together for the Global Goals

STEM Discovery Week 2019

The aim of this project is to:

– develop competencies that empower students to reflect on their own actions, taking into account their current and future social, cultural, economic and environmental impacts, from a local and a global  perspective

– integrate cultural heritage into science lesson

– enhance 21st – century skills in students learning including communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity

By implementing the ideas above, we have prepared a few mini projects. The activities took place between February and April 2019.

Digitally illustrated climate change – working with Europeana Collection and Pulitzer Center Education Resources 

Using text from “Losing Earth” by Nathaniel Rich and George Steinmetz (published in the New York Time Magazine) and a work of art or image from the Europeana Collection, students created a visual that conveys a part of the history of the climate change debate. Students shared their creations on their personal accounts – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook to showcase all students’ creations together.

Through their stories and the choices that they made, students gained a better understanding of the effects of climate change and our capacity for resilience.

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