4 wins in War of miniSUMO autonomus robots in Bydgoszcz

On the 25th of April 2019 during the Polish miniSUMO Robotic War, my 4 teams won the first four places! In addition to diplomas and congratulations, members of #RoboticTeamGrudziądz brought with them prizes in the form of 4 drones.

1st place: Artur Będziechowski

2nd place: Arek Czyściecki

3rd place: Kacper Skupiński

4th place: Jan Sobiecki

The robotics competition is the culmination of a long project process involving STEM science. In „mini sumo war” the teams’ task is to design half-kilogram vehicles. The robots had a programmed “fight or run away” mechanism. Using sensors, they try to locate an opponent in a ring, push him from the battlefield, while avoiding being pushed. The weighing of vehicles takes place before the competition. Their weight could not exceed half a kilogram.

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miniSUMO autonomus robots WORKSHOPS

We are the Scientific Team #RoboticTeamGrudziądz operating at the Complex of Technical Schools in Grudziądz. During extra-curricular activities, the main emphasis is put on the broadly understood knowledge in the fields of mechatronics and robotics (STEM). We learn complicated things while playing at the competition and winning valuable prizes for our members (Google VR, 3D printers, etc.). Our standard competition is competition in the miniSumo category but from this year we are also moving in the freestyle competition. We appear at competitions at UTP in Bydgoszcz, PG in Gdańsk (TTR and Roboxy and from this year together as Baltic Battles of Robots) and also abroad liek the RoboticDay in Prague.

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