Arduino programming and creation of mobile applications for robot management and gaming


The results of the students’ activities carried out during the participation of the “Moravice Railway Technical School” were presented within the STEM Discovery Week campaign.

The basic objective of participating and marking this event was to popularise the STEM area and to bring it closer to the school’s staff and pupils. The abbreviation STEM in its acronym conceals 4 subjects, namely Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. These are the areas that the modern labour market has recognised as a necessity. Knowledge, skills and competences acquired within STEM are a prerequisite for quality future workforce. ŽTŠ Moravice possesses good materials and technical equipment when it comes to modern technologies and participating in this initiative, emphasising the openness of the school to the application of innovative ways that are supported by technology in the teaching process.

Within the framework of this activity, students had the opportunity to acquire knowledge through a research and educational model that encourages them to solve problem tasks and apply critical thinking and ultimately disseminate the results.

Class II.e students, under the tutorship of Professor Miroslav Loncar, made several projects on the Arduino platform and used AppInventor2 tools, created robotic control applications, as well as simple game applications.

Those projects made on the Arduino platform included:

Sound emitting diode for blind and partially sighted people
Electric piano
Darkness detector
Electronic dice

Entertainment and playing apps included:

Fidget spinner
Criss Cross game
Catche the ball game
Flappy bird

It should be noted that at the level of the Republic of Croatia, only nine schools attended the STEM Discovery Week and recognized the importance of this initiative. Realisation of the activities was preceded by a detailed planning and organisation which was ultimately worth it because the students of the 2nd grade in cooperation with professor Miroslav Loncar and school counselor Mateo Havaić made a great effort and were extremely pleased with the achievements.

Link to photos from the activities:


Within STEM Discovery Week 2018, our 7th grade students with their teachers, Dalibor Todorovic and Aleksandar Stojkovic, visited the Laboratory of Astronomy and Astrophysics of the Department of Physics at the Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics. Professors Dragan Gajic and Milan Milosevic from this department held great presentations. The students were introduced to instruments for space observation, such as the LKS200 Meade telescope, Lunt solar telescope and Vixen solar telescope. They also learned interesting facts about our galaxy and the galaxy of Andromeda. They were introduced to Skywatcher and through the great photos they discovered the magic of the universe and realised that science and physics are all around us.

In the second part, we visited the laboratories of physics and through interesting lectures and experiments, held by professor Dragan Radivojevic, the students discovered the importance of physics. They were introduced to exercises in mechanics (acceleration of gravity, harmonic pendulum, physical and mathematical pendulum, determining resonance, determining the speed of sound), Thermodynamics (measurement of DHL-viscosity coefficient, determination of surface tension of liquids, measurement of the specific heat of water by flow calorimeter), optics, electrical engineering (Ohm’s law), measurement of radioactivity using Geiger-Miller’s counter.

Read more about the event here.

STEM – Environmental & Forestry Science

We try to engage students in various ways to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – STEM subjects – at an early age. The video shows some of the environmental & forestry science activities that were held at our school and also outdoors with various stakeholders.




STEM Discovery Week, 23-28 april 2018
Liceul Teoretic Videle
First activity: Determination of protein in plant products vs animal products.
There is protein in apples and in carrots, not just milk, yolk or egg white. We have determined their existence!
Be calm and eat an apple!
And it is so delicious…
Say yes to STEM
Second activity: coloring T-shirts with natural pigments. Traditional fashion!
Onion leaves….
Third activity: circular economy!
Say YES to STEM!
Waste water filtration, biodegradable PET, recyclable paper, recovery tin…
Smart visitators!


On 5 May, the espicientífic@s could enjoy in Burgos a day full of culture and scientific entertainment for all. The IV Science and Technology Fair of Castilla y León packed the facilities of the Higher Polytechnic School of La Milanera with hundreds of families and visitors, who came to the place to enjoy a day full of culture and scientific and technological entertainment.
The corridors were a continuous journey with the 3,000 visitors, older and younger, passionate conversations, laughter, exclamations of surprise and also hurry to get to the activities.
We were able to learn by playing in some of the more than 100 workshops of all kinds of scientific topics (microbiology, physics, chemistry, computer science, engineering, robotics, nature …) that aroused the interest of the more than 1200 enrolled, while the tutors participated in the lectures of the Hall of Degrees, centered in educational areas, such as “How to create your own Science Club”.
In the afternoon, the contest “With hands in science” was held, where we competed with more than 50 teams from the entire community, in four of the five existing modalities with our 10 projects, which dealt with subjects as diverse as the crystallography, microgravity, genomics or the evolution of writing.
The families that accompanied the participants and visitors could enjoy the common areas of the fair with various stands of robotics, education, mathematics …; an itinerant energy exhibition, in the Energytruck truck of the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation and an area of ​​the dissemination programme of the University of Burgos CIEN & CIA, where, in addition to being able to see the programme, a Photocall was installed: “Superheroes of science” to take a photo with a great scientist, become one of them, or simulate a fight against other famous scientists in the videogame “Science Kombat”.
The intense day of scientific fun ended with the presentation of prizes to the winners of the contest “With the hands in science”, where we feel protagonists since we took 4 of the 12 prizes awarded: 2nd prize in the Infant category, 1st and 3rd in the Primary category and 2nd in scientific dissemination in the Secondary category.
The closing of the IV Science and Technology Fair of Castilla y León was the responsibility of José Miguel García, Vice Chancellor for Research and Knowledge Transfer, who welcomed and thanked all the attendees for their trust in the UBU “A public university at the service of all the people of Burgos and of the whole society” and called on all those who were present to participate in this activity next year and in all those organised by the University of Burgos. He also thanked the effort made by the Scientific Culture Unit and the volunteers to make this celebration of science possible.
The finale was put on by the show “Física Viva”, by a group La Fábrica, a space for scientific dissemination of the University of Aveiro, Portugal, presented by Jordi Rovira, Delegate of the Rector for the Communication and Dissemination of Research.
The IV Science and Technology Fair of Castilla y León has been organised by the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit (UCC + i) of the University of Burgos and financed by the FECYT (Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology).
On the behalf of Espiciencia, we encourage you to participate actively in this fair, which each year welcomes us and in which we feel at home.

#Espiciencia en la IV Feria de Ciencia y Tecnología de Castilla y León. Otra experiencia inolvidable para niñ@ y padres….

Geplaatst door Bárbara De Aymerich Vadillo op zaterdag 5 mei 2018