STEM Education vs Traditional Education

Author: Alketa Barjami

For the 2020 STEM Discovery Campaign, I organised few activities. They are listed and described below.

“STEM Education vs Traditional Education”

Type of activity or action: Training session
Date: 20/04/2020 – 24/04/2020

STEM helps to turn new ideas into better education. Timely education during PANDEMIC showed that STEM in home conditions, with the presence of the Internet, brought solutions to online education. Traditional education allows the student to receive formal education and teaches to focus on the topic in question.


For me, it was the first time I designed and implemented a lesson plan on Scientix, but it was not difficult … I could enrich it over time. The difficulty for students was that it was the first time they used online tools to build online puzzles. We could apply it for some more projects this month because we needed to learn online more…

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Who is behind the computer? We…your teachers!

Author: Erviola Konomi

The word is confronted now with Covid-19, the school are closed, I hope for your safety and well-being. In this difficult situation, we have tried to stay close to students through online learning.

The EdTechX Global Report in Addressing the Likely Impact of COVID-19 on use of Technology in Education and Training: “The impact of the COVID-19 outbreak and resulting containment measures on Education and Training has been enormous. 1.7 bn learners, or 90%, are estimated to be currently learning from home”

According to the Ministry of Education in Albania “… a very significant number of students, parents and teachers are engaged in online lessons: 96.8% of students, 95.3% of parents and 98.7% of teachers”

The situation of pandemic was unexpected and I, like many teachers, found ourselves unprepared and untrained for distance learning.

Like this =>

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Big Conversations with Small Groups

Author: Ayse Karaul Arslan

Bilsem (Science and Art Center) students meet scientists!
We are holding “Big Conversations with Small Groups” online meeting session throughout April. We hosted a guest every week and asked what we wondered. In total, 14 people (7 pupils, 6 professionals, and 1 teacher) joined this webinar series.

Our aim: to provide deep knowledge for gifted students of the issues we are curious about, to prevent special, talented children from staying away from science during Covid-19 and to meet STEM professionals and scientists.

Our guests

1st week:

Click here for our first conversation with Mr. Sinan Yirmibeşoğlu (Captain Research Assistant from ITU Faculty of Maritime) about global climate change from polar research perspective.

What did we talk about?

  • What is global warming?
  • What is the effect of the Coriolis force?
  • In which region is the ozone layer thinner?
  • What is the significance of Piri Reis’s map?
  • How do the oceans meet our need for oxygen?
  • How does plastic pollution affect oxygen production?
  • How does the difference of solar reflectors in different regions affect the climate?
  • What is the Albedo scale?
  • How does global warming affect transportation to Antarctica?
  • How did the Paris Agreement come about?
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Nanotechnology in schools

Author: Aliya Ahmadova

When 2020 STEM Discovery Campaig was announced, we had already planned and implemented our first live workshop for 01.02.2020 . The tagline for this year’s campaign is “Innovative Trends in Education”, that’s why we thought and did a workshop on how nanotechnology, as innovative trend in STEM education, can be applied in schools.

What did we do?

  • We added our project and activity to SDC20 activities’ map
  • We have reached an agreement with Baku Engineering University (in Azerbaijan Republic) to support us in SDC20.
  • The registration process for the selection of teachers for the SDC2020-Training Technology Workshop, scheduled for 01.02.2020, was opened.
  • 35 teachers from 12 regions who applied for registration, were selected to participate in the new content- Nanotechnology workshop, which was held for the first time in Republic of Azerbaijan.
  • The planned workshop was mainly organized and managed by Aliya Ahmadova, STEM PD Ambassador for Azerbaijan.
  • Finally we promoted all this procces in our project’s Facebook page.
SDC 2020-Training Technology Workshop 01.02.2020
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Exoplanet Chemistry

Author: Voinea Axinte Costica

On March 3, 2020, we conducted the planned activity that was recorded and broadcasted live on the official Facebook page of the school. It was a successful and captivating activity for all participants successfully marking STEM.

Mathematics teacher Voinea-Axinte Costica, physics teacher Burduja Dinu and professor of chemistry Surdu Lucian conducted an activity with the main objective of motivating the students of the ninth and tenth grades to study the concepts of mathematics, physics or chemistry starting from a pretext common to all of us – the starry sky – ASTRONOMY. Use of the concept of “cosmic space”, as a creative context, to stimulate the motivation of the students for the knowledge and study of STEM disciplines.

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