Industry as a role model to inquiry-based method at school

I want to describe my experience of the STEM Discovery Week 2018. In addition to my job as a teacher, I also work as a teachers’ trainer at the Faculty of Science Education at Technion, the Israel Institute of Science and Technology.
During the STEM Discovery Week, I did an activity with pre-service teachers and students from the 9th grade, who came to Technion for a visit.

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Developing and evaluating skills for creativity and innovation

The project Developing and Evaluating Skills for Creativity and Innovation (DESCI) promotes alternating training paths based on the Living Lab approach, adopting participatory design methodologies, connecting school, enterprise, research and territory.

The school has the potential to create a co-working space, an innovation laboratory for the local community, for which the students, also guided by company tutors and by researchers, can develop innovative products that will be socially, ecologically and economically sustainable.

Desci arises from the need to address the problem of the mismatch between education and professional integration, to strengthen the links  between educational systems and the world of work, relating training programmes to the cultural, social and economic development of the territory.

A key issue is the teaching of innovation in its various facets and its vital connection, emphasised in many studies, to ethical, sociological and environmental aspects.

DESCI is funded under the programme Erasmus+, Key Action K2, by the National Agency INDIRE. The leader of the project is CNR-IRPPS, its partners are  institutions belonging to the world of eesearch and wducation from Italy, Greece and Spain.

”The 3rd Open Campus DESCI “Knowledge, Attitudes and Skills to Link Education to Workplaces” organised on 18 & 19 May at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens (with re-presenter professor Mrs Smyrnaiou Z.) in collaboration with  Hellenic Association of Science Journalists, Communicators and Writers is based in Athens  and 1st Experimental Middle School of Athens.

Main topics of the programme: Skills (Innovative, Multilevel), Innovative Teaching Practices for Linking Education and Workplaces, Skills Development in Practice Communities in the Educational and Work Environment, Informal Education, Work-Based Learning, Business Learning, field-centered learning, Assessment of attitudes, knowledge, skills.


STEM Pro Panel at St.Paul’s Missionary College, Rabat

As our Year 8 students will soon be selecting subjects to further their studies, we will be hosting a STEM PRO-Panel to introduce students to a variety of STEM Careers through a discussion with professionals. We have invited 4 professionals from the areas of Pharmaceutics, Health, Game design, and Mathematics in Banking. Each professional delivered a 10 minute introduction about his/her sector. Students then joined 1 professional of their choice for a more in depth discussion/interview about the opportunities available in the sector, job descriptions as well as requirements in terms of education and skills. Through this STEM PRO –Panel we hope students can relate science subjects to potential careers and understand how theory covered in schools is translated to the world of work. Our ultimate goal was to inspire students to aim to pursue STEM careers following the selection and appreciation of STEM subjects at school.





STEM Discovery Week theme ::: We know – we show – we share

Sometimes we are so much into what we do, learn, and discover, that we forgot  to share and exchange. Why is it so important to share, to exchange experience and knowledge? The most obvious answer would be that we can learn so much from each other. But there is so much more.

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Being an ambassador is …

Në kontekstin e javës së zbulimit shkencor, ku është më mirë të ndani praktikën tuaj me mësuesit e tjerë, ku është më shumë kënaqësi sesa drejtimi i mësuesve të rinj në rrjetin Scientix Albania.
Kjo u bë e mundur në Konferencën e parë Shkencore në Shqipëri të hartuar nga një nga Ambasadorët Shqiptarë dhe të realizuar nga të gjithë ambasadorët si një grup i madh bashkëpunimi.

Ndihem i privilegjuar që të jem pjesë e kësaj organizate, sepse vullneti i madh dhe dashuria e madhe për shkencën dhe shpërndarja e informacionit erdhi në formën më të bukur të kësaj Konference:

  • mësuesit që reflektojnë Scientix Comunnity
  • mësuesit që bëjnë pyetje sipas interesave në lëndët e shkollës
  • mësuesit që shkëmbejnë ide për përfitimet e Scientix-it në projekte
  • mësuesit që pasqyrojnë punën e tyre me minopters nga shkolla e tyre

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