Being an ambassador is …

Në kontekstin e javës së zbulimit shkencor, ku është më mirë të ndani praktikën tuaj me mësuesit e tjerë, ku është më shumë kënaqësi sesa drejtimi i mësuesve të rinj në rrjetin Scientix Albania.
Kjo u bë e mundur në Konferencën e parë Shkencore në Shqipëri të hartuar nga një nga Ambasadorët Shqiptarë dhe të realizuar nga të gjithë ambasadorët si një grup i madh bashkëpunimi.

Ndihem i privilegjuar që të jem pjesë e kësaj organizate, sepse vullneti i madh dhe dashuria e madhe për shkencën dhe shpërndarja e informacionit erdhi në formën më të bukur të kësaj Konference:

  • mësuesit që reflektojnë Scientix Comunnity
  • mësuesit që bëjnë pyetje sipas interesave në lëndët e shkollës
  • mësuesit që shkëmbejnë ide për përfitimet e Scientix-it në projekte
  • mësuesit që pasqyrojnë punën e tyre me minopters nga shkolla e tyre

Të gjithë ambasadorët Sxientix në bashkëpunim me njëri-tjetrin dhe me sponsorizimin e shkollës “Flatrat e Dijes” në Fier arriti të finalizojë një sipërmarrje fitimprurëse. Continue reading Being an ambassador is …

Triseum Variant Limits Game for learning mathematics

Games and gamification is one of the important developments in educational technology for European schools.

Game-based learning (GBL) has become an effective training and learning method that both students and teachers enjoy being part of these days. GBL has been developed to help students around the world acquire the knowledge and skills they need to live an educated life with a wide ranges of benefits (Clark, M.)

In the Zones of Game Variant Limits based on Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives By Bloom’s Taxonomy, teachers can access a multi-tiered scale to express the level of expertise required to achieve each measurable student outcome. Organising measurable student outcomes in this way will allow us to select appropriate classroom assessment techniques for the course.

Visual graphs provide clues that words and equations don’t. For example, it might take middle school or high school students several minutes to read, digest, interpret and map a word problem. By using graphical representations, one can quickly draw conclusions. Graphs show trends, gaps and clusters, and compare multiple data sets at once, often accommodating large sets of data. They make it easy for scientists and students alike to form hypotheses and draw conclusions.

Finally, Variant Limits could be used for Flipped Classroom Teaching. Students work and play games as their homework, and in the classroom school teachers could evaluate their knowledge levels by using worksheets. It is a combination of direct teaching and constructive learning, in which the teacher is not the “wise on the stage”, or the “sage on the stage”, but the “guide on the side”. Students who are absent due to illness or extracurricular activities, such as sports, are not left behind. All pupils are actively involved in the learning process through personalised training.

  • Students manipulate objects within a 3Dworld using calculus principles and theories.
  • Players are immersed in an environment that includes an engaging narrative, hidden backstory, and a high-stakes adventure.
  • Intuitive feedback and game interaction allow players to play and explore at their own pace.
  • Intelligent game analytics allow instructors to monitor student activity and provide insight into student progress

A tool to increase interaction and personalised contact time between students and teachers. An environment where students are responsible for their own learning.

Download the software Variant Limits of Triseum

Variant: Limits promotes conceptual understanding through direct interaction and immediate feedback in the game environment.
»» Finite Limits: Introduction to limits, one-sided limits, and limits of combined functions.
»» Continuity: Limit definition of continuity at a point,continuity of combined functions, and the intermediatevalue theorem.
»» Infinite Limits: Horizontal and vertical asymptotes.


STEM education in the forest

Monday 23 April 2018, nature passionate students from Bacau’s Childrens Palace made some investigations about the impact of trees on air quality. They used a special device (an analyzer for carbon dioxide amount) to find out the concentration levels of CO2 on a very busy street in the town. After that, the whole group went into a forest. Here, they measured again the same air quality parameter. The value decreased by 70% compared to the measurements they made in the town. This way, they learned in the middle of the nature about the photosynthesis process and the beneficial role that trees have for humanity.

What’s more, they planted some trees (fir trees) with the support of specialists of Bacau’s Forestry Department.

It was a very good start of STEM Discovery Week! They said with a loud voice “YES to STEM”.

You can have a look at pictures from the activities in a public post here


Our daily challenge as disseminators of scientific knowledge is to bring this knowledge to the students in a meaningful way, so that this facilitates that, through an internal process, they use it in the development of a competence. This is the main reason for organising a science fair.

It has been a pleasure to participate in the inauguration of the Second fair of science of Tarifa, showing the project of “Physics and Flamenco”, a winner of Diverciencia 2017 and Science in Action 2017. With this project not only the physics is transmitted in a significant way of sound, but also the transformation of something physical, like sound, into something as human as art, in this case flamenco, representative of Andalusian culture and intangible heritage of humanity. Thanks to Ana Villaescusa Lamet, Andrés Luis Martín, Ezequiel Andréu and Manuel Salazar Miranda.

The Power of Plants. DIVERCIENCIA

The Power of Plants

2nd Grade Primary

Colegio Puertoblanco

         Our project consists of a series of activities, including experiments and exhibitions all about the power of plants.  We will show the capacity they have to grow and move in response to stimuli such as light, water, gravity and touch: tropic and nastic movements.  We will also demonstrate how they can prevent erosion.  We will explain the medicinal uses of some plants.  Finally, we will describe the Fibonacci sequence and how it can be seen in the number of flower petals and the spirals in fruits and flowers.