Being an ambassador is …

Në kontekstin e javës së zbulimit shkencor, ku është më mirë të ndani praktikën tuaj me mësuesit e tjerë, ku është më shumë kënaqësi sesa drejtimi i mësuesve të rinj në rrjetin Scientix Albania.
Kjo u bë e mundur në Konferencën e parë Shkencore në Shqipëri të hartuar nga një nga Ambasadorët Shqiptarë dhe të realizuar nga të gjithë ambasadorët si një grup i madh bashkëpunimi.

Ndihem i privilegjuar që të jem pjesë e kësaj organizate, sepse vullneti i madh dhe dashuria e madhe për shkencën dhe shpërndarja e informacionit erdhi në formën më të bukur të kësaj Konference:

  • mësuesit që reflektojnë Scientix Comunnity
  • mësuesit që bëjnë pyetje sipas interesave në lëndët e shkollës
  • mësuesit që shkëmbejnë ide për përfitimet e Scientix-it në projekte
  • mësuesit që pasqyrojnë punën e tyre me minopters nga shkolla e tyre

Të gjithë ambasadorët Sxientix në bashkëpunim me njëri-tjetrin dhe me sponsorizimin e shkollës “Flatrat e Dijes” në Fier arriti të finalizojë një sipërmarrje fitimprurëse. Continue reading Being an ambassador is …


Our daily challenge as disseminators of scientific knowledge is to bring this knowledge to the students in a meaningful way, so that this facilitates that, through an internal process, they use it in the development of a competence. This is the main reason for organising a science fair.

It has been a pleasure to participate in the inauguration of the Second fair of science of Tarifa, showing the project of “Physics and Flamenco”, a winner of Diverciencia 2017 and Science in Action 2017. With this project not only the physics is transmitted in a significant way of sound, but also the transformation of something physical, like sound, into something as human as art, in this case flamenco, representative of Andalusian culture and intangible heritage of humanity. Thanks to Ana Villaescusa Lamet, Andrés Luis Martín, Ezequiel Andréu and Manuel Salazar Miranda.

Fethiye Özel Sena Fen Lisesi is here!

Fethiye Özel Sena Fen Lisesi is a private science high-school which is located in Muğla/Turkey. The school and its teachers, themselves, so dedicated to teaching- especially teaching by using different kinds of methods just as drama. Thanks to our Physics and Astronomy teacher Umut Güzel, we have also been hearing all about the recent unusually perpetual teaching and learning method: STEM.

So proud of being the only school-all around Aegean Region in Turkey- that is a part of STEM Discovery Week, here we are, saying YES to STEM!

We are so excited and can’t wait to share our experiences with you. Let’s keep in touch. Best memories yet to come. 


Thanks STEM, call me a scientist now!

Navigating to relevant activity searches this week, students focused on demonstrative videos from YouTube.

I call my students # My Innovative Scientix.

Such are they, after they tried to be researchers in the subjects of physics and chemistry this semester. They tried to formulate the generalisation of the experiment and test the jumping hypothesis.

They left … Yes, Yes they left.

The exchange of knowledge about atmospheric printing, fluidity of fluids, proportional ratios in mathematics, and errors made in measurements are unquestionably presented to the cellular apparatus and advertised in social groups.

This exchange continues even more throughout STEM (STEAM) Discovery Week. We are competitive, both within the school, the community and the entire European community throughout this scientific week. In the video, students speak in Albanian, one of the oldest languages ​​in the Balkans, but communication through experimentation makes us understand more.

Children feel motivated, look more beautiful, clearer, do not make mistakes on their experimental performance, do not be fooled by mathematical calculus actions, look nice in the picture that they will create a video for the entire experimental school bank …

How much emotions all groups have been followed by this activity …

The special ones, my Albanian scientists!

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