Water with Science



This  collaborative project is born to improve our environment and to delve into knowledge  to value and love a precious good like it is water. Its objectives expose the main characteristics of water and, from there, carry out experiences the help to internalize the objectives.

This citizen science project aims to show the water cycle, different uses that this limited resource receives and how can we rationalize our consumption, improve use at home and, above all, in our schools.

To achieve meaningful student learning involved, experiences have been designed to capture the contents and advance in a consumption more conscious. With surveys, the school compiled a lot of data for, within the framework of a science initiative citizen, find solutions and reduce consumption.

STEM Discovery Week 2018 in Atışalanı Anatolian High School, TURKEY

Ilknur Aksoy, one of the 9th graders, spoke a fairy tale using the sign language for the hearing impaired in the Turkish Language Literature course Project Work. Our study school has been added to the European School network activity group as part of STEM WEEKS applications.


STEM Discovery Week 2018 in Atışalanı Anatolian High School, TURKEY

Our school’s project team has completed the documentary entitled “History of Yerebatan Tributary and Medusa”, which we are traveling on. With documentary work, our students have applied to the TRT High School Documentary Competition and Saint Michel French High School 2018 Filmmich Award-winning Short Film Competition. We hope to achieve our project group.https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fyoutu.be%2F2WwbyXDO3UI&h=ATNkC2dvU7WQXKijwkzO3d1An0z9vHovidLB0QsD916i9rdOnBzhApGtguLttrw30Lb9MeodHa564LlBtx8UGx_GsaxKHhi-43IMnzMgGkRSdDc4szgPlpD54h80CKLDDMYbrRBcupcbyPzrBa-E

STEM Discovery Week 2018 in Atışalanı Anatolian High School, TURKEY

TUBITAK 49. High School Students Research Projects Competition. We have received our Success and Participation Documents. We wish you to join also!