Alp Aviation
Making a glider

Within the scope of the Scientix Project, we, 30 Ağustos Secondary School, carried out a two-day project called Flight Mode on STEM Education Discovery Week between 22-30 April 2019 in order to encourage students to interrogate, investigate, produce and make inventions in European countries.

The general purposes of our project are; to instil the love of aviation to our students, to increase their knowledge about aviation and to have knowledge about the branches of aviation. In order to realize our goals, we have brought together the four important disciplines of STEM education by associating the developing aviation industry and technologies of our country with Science and Mathematics courses.

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Paper Universe

This year we have participated in the STEM Discovery Week as a part of the initiative of a few Scientix ambassadors from the South of Serbia, called NiSTEAM. We held workshops and had some fun and engaging activities in 5 schools during this week.

In Maths lessons in our school, we are trying to teach about geometry in an interesting way and we always want to apply that knowledge, so students can see why is that useful. They like especially all activities that are connecting their knowledge with real life. Ways that we can connect maths with other subjects are limitless.

For this STEM Discovery Week, we wanted to connect math with geography and make a Universe using geometry objects made of paper and cardboard.

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Let’s build a house not shaken by an earthquake!

My name is Elena Vladescu, I am Scientix Ambassador for Romania and on 14.04.2019, I organized the activity “Let’s build a house not shaken by an earthquake!”.

This was a practical activity for 17 years old students for constructing a mock-up of an earthquake resistant building. I used Scientix resources in order to make a more interesting and attractive activity for my pupils to practice what they learn. The main Scientix resouce used was Constructing Earthquake-Proof Buildings – Student Worksheet For Upper Secondary Education available here:


I used also Crossword Puzzle On Seismology – Student Worksheet For Upper Secondary Education from here


and ERIS Educational Package “Physics Of Earthquakes – Extended” from here http://www.scientix.eu/resources/details?resourceId=21445.

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STEM Jobs of the Future

In our changing and fast-moving world it is crucially important to help students choose their future career which will be really in demand and which will ensure their self-realization in the future.

It’s necessary to help them develop skills which the future employers will be looking for. And we should start from schools, we should open schools to STEM careers. Unfortunately, in Ukraine it is a pretty new idea and we do not have specialists, like Career Advisors, who could help students make their choice and assess their own skills and abilities properly. I believe we should start with teachers, we should make them aware of the ways they can integrate STEM career awareness into their subject. So I decided to carry out a special workshop – demonstrative lesson for teachers of English from the regional schools in order to show them how we can speak about STEM careers at English lessons. The workshop was attended by 30 teachers and 10 students.

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Leonardo 4 Children initiative – creation of an original work integrating art and science.

Although Poland developed unexpected complications in education and no classes took place in most of the schools in April, we managed to implement some of the activities planned related to the STEM Discvovery Week 2019.

One of the planned activities was participation in the “ART & SCIENCE” competition EUROPEAN COMPETITION FOR 13-18 YEARS OLD TEENAGERS – as part of the Leonardo 4 Children initiative.

Originally, I planned a series of workshops, unfortunately it failed, but eager young people worked at home.

About the competition from carano4children.org

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