Science in a library

The idea is to involve children (especially girls) in STEM. The event take place at the town library and it consists of: presentation of a book about science and scientists (especially women in science), observations with a microscope (drop of pond water, pollen and more), augmented reality (using the I-SolarSystem book and its app), red cabbage juice and pH, water electrophoresis, constructions with straws and more.


On 5 May, the espicientífic@s could enjoy in Burgos a day full of culture and scientific entertainment for all. The IV Science and Technology Fair of Castilla y León packed the facilities of the Higher Polytechnic School of La Milanera with hundreds of families and visitors, who came to the place to enjoy a day full of culture and scientific and technological entertainment.
The corridors were a continuous journey with the 3,000 visitors, older and younger, passionate conversations, laughter, exclamations of surprise and also hurry to get to the activities.
We were able to learn by playing in some of the more than 100 workshops of all kinds of scientific topics (microbiology, physics, chemistry, computer science, engineering, robotics, nature …) that aroused the interest of the more than 1200 enrolled, while the tutors participated in the lectures of the Hall of Degrees, centered in educational areas, such as “How to create your own Science Club”.
In the afternoon, the contest “With hands in science” was held, where we competed with more than 50 teams from the entire community, in four of the five existing modalities with our 10 projects, which dealt with subjects as diverse as the crystallography, microgravity, genomics or the evolution of writing.
The families that accompanied the participants and visitors could enjoy the common areas of the fair with various stands of robotics, education, mathematics …; an itinerant energy exhibition, in the Energytruck truck of the Gas Natural Fenosa Foundation and an area of ​​the dissemination programme of the University of Burgos CIEN & CIA, where, in addition to being able to see the programme, a Photocall was installed: “Superheroes of science” to take a photo with a great scientist, become one of them, or simulate a fight against other famous scientists in the videogame “Science Kombat”.
The intense day of scientific fun ended with the presentation of prizes to the winners of the contest “With the hands in science”, where we feel protagonists since we took 4 of the 12 prizes awarded: 2nd prize in the Infant category, 1st and 3rd in the Primary category and 2nd in scientific dissemination in the Secondary category.
The closing of the IV Science and Technology Fair of Castilla y León was the responsibility of José Miguel García, Vice Chancellor for Research and Knowledge Transfer, who welcomed and thanked all the attendees for their trust in the UBU “A public university at the service of all the people of Burgos and of the whole society” and called on all those who were present to participate in this activity next year and in all those organised by the University of Burgos. He also thanked the effort made by the Scientific Culture Unit and the volunteers to make this celebration of science possible.
The finale was put on by the show “Física Viva”, by a group La Fábrica, a space for scientific dissemination of the University of Aveiro, Portugal, presented by Jordi Rovira, Delegate of the Rector for the Communication and Dissemination of Research.
The IV Science and Technology Fair of Castilla y León has been organised by the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit (UCC + i) of the University of Burgos and financed by the FECYT (Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology).
On the behalf of Espiciencia, we encourage you to participate actively in this fair, which each year welcomes us and in which we feel at home.

#Espiciencia en la IV Feria de Ciencia y Tecnología de Castilla y León. Otra experiencia inolvidable para niñ@ y padres….

Geplaatst door Bárbara De Aymerich Vadillo op zaterdag 5 mei 2018

Science and diplomacy

I am one of the big fans of science and diplomacy and I am glad to know this science diplomacy forum at My education background was pure as a physician, then I decided to become a science teacher for the Cambridge Assessment International Curriculum at Sophos School Indonesia, Bumi Serpong Damai, South Tangerang, Indonesia. Meanwhile, I have been  strengthening my diplomacy skills when I was a undergraduate student, taking an active role as a leader for the Science Faculty Birthday, Vice President of Social Movements, Vice Ministry of Research Department at University of Gadjah Mada Social Movements, and General Coordinator for Education Volunteer Movements, Kelas Inspirasi Yogyakarta, Indonesia Mengajar. I believe those supporting activities will lighten my dream in the future, that is communicating science for Indonesians.

Before I had a vision like that, I always kept being active by joining Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) forums in the UK. I have learned so many things about science that contains science experiments, science theory, science education, teacher bonding with students and creating STEM clubs in our country. Based on my experiences there, the committee has conducted the forum well, because I am inspired how to become a teacher by using online seminars and workshops. They are also active on Twitter to provide more information about science.

In my opinion, STEM in the UK could become our role model to communicate and socialise science. That is the point for diplomacy. We can share our knowledge without borders and give much information that is accurate, capable and efficient. In Indonesia, the STEM movement has not begun yet. However, I am still wondering and working together with my team to create this project because it will impress the others about science. For instance, we could celebrate science fairs, online seminars and workshops, getting involved with school in rural areas and the government too. Many things that I could do with science but without diplomacy, it will be lack of curiousity.

Therefore, diplomacy has a strength sight for science in the future especially for developing countries which still creating and initiating the movements.

Make a wish

We are a school offering IT education for female students. Our students met outstanding executives of the IT sector between 23/04/2018 and 27/04/2018. To this end we set out some headlines (artificial intelligence, cloud tech, female entrepreneurship, STEM, Gamification etc.) We are planned to get together with executives of the field via 5 different seminars according to our students’ wishes through a vote. Therefore, we called our project “Make a Wish”. During the STEM Discovery Week, we aim to raise our female students’ awareness  and parents on technology and STEM with the help of executives we host in our school.

STEM Discovery Week Activities:

1. I asked my students which seminars or workshops they wanted a week ago. A voting process was carried out.

2. As a result of the voting process, Internet security, STEM contests, cyber security and Minecraft workshops were the most requested activities.

3. In our work, we gave importance to school-sector cooperation.

4. Microsoft trainer, Ömer SARPDAĞ, organised a Minecraft workshop with 22 students. The workshop, which lasted about 3 hours, was very efficient for my students.

5. Berk İMRAN, a cyber security expert from Kirikkale University, taught cyber security to my students. 220 students participated in the training in the conference hall of our school.

6. Internet security training for our students and parents was provided. The seminar was carried out by the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) trainer Aydın ÇATAK. 110 parents of students participated in the seminar. After the seminar, a question and answer section was made. 300 hand brochures were distributed to the parents.

7. The last request of my students was a STEM competition. We had a Marshmallow challenge contest at our school. The students who made the longest and most robust tower with the given materials became the winners of the competition. Our students were rewarded through sponsors. 50 students attended the competition.


  1. 402 students and parents attended the STEM Discovery Week events.
  2. After the Minecraft Workshop, my students developed educational materials for pupils.
  3. Thanks to safe Internet education given to our parents, our students will be safer on the Internet.
  4. My colleagues at school were aware of STEM Discovery Week and Scientix. I think it’s a nice dissemination work.

Selçuk Yusuf ARSLAN

Scientix Ambassador, TR