STEM Jobs of the Future

In our changing and fast-moving world it is crucially important to help students choose their future career which will be really in demand and which will ensure their self-realization in the future.

It’s necessary to help them develop skills which the future employers will be looking for. And we should start from schools, we should open schools to STEM careers. Unfortunately, in Ukraine it is a pretty new idea and we do not have specialists, like Career Advisors, who could help students make their choice and assess their own skills and abilities properly. I believe we should start with teachers, we should make them aware of the ways they can integrate STEM career awareness into their subject. So I decided to carry out a special workshop – demonstrative lesson for teachers of English from the regional schools in order to show them how we can speak about STEM careers at English lessons. The workshop was attended by 30 teachers and 10 students.

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Leonardo 4 Children initiative – creation of an original work integrating art and science.

Although Poland developed unexpected complications in education and no classes took place in most of the schools in April, we managed to implement some of the activities planned related to the STEM Discvovery Week 2019.

One of the planned activities was participation in the “ART & SCIENCE” competition EUROPEAN COMPETITION FOR 13-18 YEARS OLD TEENAGERS – as part of the Leonardo 4 Children initiative.

Originally, I planned a series of workshops, unfortunately it failed, but eager young people worked at home.

About the competition from

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Earth Day with Lego – Take Care of our Planet

With the help of Lego educational kits, we make more interesting form of our story about the use of renewable energy sources and the preservation of the Earth by recycling. By inter-subject correlation, learning will be more interesting

In our class of first grade ,,Dragan Luksic” Primary School in Belgrade, we celebrated STEM Discovery Week 2019 on April 24 during project class with the story of keeping our planet by not polluting and recycling certain materials and by using renewable energy sources. Each group presented one energy source. So we are talking about the energy of water, sun, wind and earth…

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See the Earth with AR

Every year, last week of April is the STEM Discovery Week in April, and within it celebrating Planet Earth Day. As a result of this on science class on 23th of April, we looked at the BBC films about the planet Earth and renewed little knowledge of what we know about our planet and drew attention to the need to keep the planet safe by not polluting and saving its resources . We saw upsetting images of animals that died due to the presence of plastic and plastic bags

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Family STEM Night

Why this activity

I organize STEM-themed family nights in our school once a month. As a Scientix Ambassador, these meetings become an excellent way to spread STEM education model to a wider community. Since the STEM Discovery Week takes place in April, I see this as a great opportunity to combine our Family STEM Night activity for April with STEM Discovery Week 2019. In our Family STEM Nights students, teachers and parents meet and they all work together to accomplish the challenges specifically designed for that night. For the STEM Discovery Week 2019, our main scope is to learn about the physics, math, engineering, architecture, design and technology behind geodesic domes and create one as a team..


Our activity began with a short video to attract the participants’ attention. Then we discussed about different roof and ceiling structures through the history such as ancient Greek temples (Parthenon), Egyptian and Mayan pyramids. With this approach we learned more about why the domes are more practical, beneficial, convenient and functional. Many architects and engineers throughout the history like Da Vinci, Mimar Sinan and Buckminster Fuller tried to build large domes to demonstrate their immortal masterpieces. We also examined world-wide famous domes from history to our days like Hagia Sophia, Astrodome, Climatron. (here is the link for the slides)

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