Eratosthenes experiment

Author: Eric VAYSSIE

Students from 30 schools measured the circumference of the Earth, reproducing Eratosthenes experiment during the lockdown drill.

  • An historical experiment
  • A hands on activity
  • A pedagogical project
  • Home activities during the lockdown drill

An historical experiment

It was in 205 B.C., the Greek astronomer Eratosthenes, at the time Director of the Great Library of Alexandria in Egypt, proposed a purely geometrical method to measure the circumference of the Earth. He used the observation of shadows made at two different places, Alexandria and Syene (now Aswan).

Historical measure
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STEM education in the forest

Monday 23 April 2018, nature passionate students from Bacau’s Childrens Palace made some investigations about the impact of trees on air quality. They used a special device (an analyzer for carbon dioxide amount) to find out the concentration levels of CO2 on a very busy street in the town. After that, the whole group went into a forest. Here, they measured again the same air quality parameter. The value decreased by 70% compared to the measurements they made in the town. This way, they learned in the middle of the nature about the photosynthesis process and the beneficial role that trees have for humanity.

What’s more, they planted some trees (fir trees) with the support of specialists of Bacau’s Forestry Department.

It was a very good start of STEM Discovery Week! They said with a loud voice “YES to STEM”.

You can have a look at pictures from the activities in a public post here