STEM education in the forest

Monday 23 April 2018, nature passionate students from Bacau’s Childrens Palace made some investigations about the impact of trees on air quality. They used a special device (an analyzer for carbon dioxide amount) to find out the concentration levels of CO2 on a very busy street in the town. After that, the whole group went into a forest. Here, they measured again the same air quality parameter. The value decreased by 70% compared to the measurements they made in the town. This way, they learned in the middle of the nature about the photosynthesis process and the beneficial role that trees have for humanity.

What’s more, they planted some trees (fir trees) with the support of specialists of Bacau’s Forestry Department.

It was a very good start of STEM Discovery Week! They said with a loud voice “YES to STEM”.

You can have a look at pictures from the activities in a public post here

SDW 2018 event in Azerbaijan-Teacher trainings

“SDW 2018” events for the science teachers from different regions of Azerbaijan were organised, including training activities in science and robotics. During the training activities from 11:00h to 18:00h, teachers learned how to build Arduinio, robot through programming, ICT skills, and effective STEM lesson plans. Nearly 50 teachers of the “STEM  in Azerbaijan” project actively participated in this event, organised at ADA University in Baku.


Thanks STEM, call me a scientist now!

Navigating to relevant activity searches this week, students focused on demonstrative videos from YouTube.

I call my students # My Innovative Scientix.

Such are they, after they tried to be researchers in the subjects of physics and chemistry this semester. They tried to formulate the generalisation of the experiment and test the jumping hypothesis.

They left … Yes, Yes they left.

The exchange of knowledge about atmospheric printing, fluidity of fluids, proportional ratios in mathematics, and errors made in measurements are unquestionably presented to the cellular apparatus and advertised in social groups.

This exchange continues even more throughout STEM (STEAM) Discovery Week. We are competitive, both within the school, the community and the entire European community throughout this scientific week. In the video, students speak in Albanian, one of the oldest languages ​​in the Balkans, but communication through experimentation makes us understand more.

Children feel motivated, look more beautiful, clearer, do not make mistakes on their experimental performance, do not be fooled by mathematical calculus actions, look nice in the picture that they will create a video for the entire experimental school bank …

How much emotions all groups have been followed by this activity …

The special ones, my Albanian scientists!

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“STEM EE (Environmental Education) project” – The world without waste

STEM Discovery Week 2018 at our school.

This year, at my school, “Iordache Cantacuzino” Gymnasium School Pascani, an event dedicated to STEM education was organised between 26th and 30th March to provide opportunities in STEM subjects for young learners aged 6 to 14 and to make the link with Ecological Education (EE).

For five days, students learned about depleting resources, renewable resources, waste, met with environmental specialists, made experiments they discovered in the Scientix Resources section and created posters.

On the first day, students watched films about selective recycling to understand what it means to have a clean environment and get new products through recycling, how many resources can be saved if we know how to use waste.

On the second day, students aged 6 to 14 met with STEM professionals, asked questions about products and substances, and saw how workers and specialists work together to change the world! Now, they know more about the STEM professions.

The third day was dedicated to experiments! The students were one day teachers: they prepared an experiment and they did it with their classmates. Then they presented the conclusions of their colleagues. All the experiments were done by the children and they enjoyed the activity very much as they understood better some STEM phenomena!

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