In today’s conditions where technological development is very fast, both new generation students and technology are in a closer relationship than teachers. MEB General Directorate of Educational Technologies on the integration of innovation and technology into education policies. It will support permanent and meaningful learning in teachers’ technology classrooms. In this direction, the importance of technology integration increases in teaching new teaching methods and techniques. However, it is seen that the use of multimedia technologies in education is limited. With this study, it is aimed to develop students’ multiple cognitive thinking skills by integrating Scratch into science lessons in the educational environment in 11 secondary schools..

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This learning scenario focuses on the economic use of resources and the student’s commitment to the growth and development process of an organism. In the process, students are expected to raise awareness about water conservation and to follow the growth and development process of a plant. Students are asked to create a design product that will enable them to measure the moisture in the soil of the plant by coding with the help of the mBlock – coding robot. Students will use the knowledge gained from science, information technology and mathematics lessons while creating the design product. The aim here is to make students realize that different disciplines can be integrated and used in daily life. With the learning scenario, while examining the growth and development process of a plant. It is aimed to contribute to the efficient use of water, which is one of the important resources in our world, by coding.


Throughout our life, we obtain almost all of our needs directly or indirectly from nature. Considering this interaction with nature, we need to draw attention to the sustainability of the environment and the use of natural resources. Unfortunately, in our consumption habits that we have acquired to meet our needs, we often do not remember the environmental dimension, but we ignore it by thinking anthropocentrically. In order to be able to think a little more ecocentrically (environmentally centered), in order to eliminate this deficiency, it is of great importance that we are knowledgeable about environmental protection, and we reflect the awareness of water and water conservation, which is one of our natural resources, to our behaviours.

The pictures are the author’s own –(Attribution CC-BY)
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Adaptation of disabled individuals to social life – solution of deep-rooted real-life problems

‘Be Unique to me’ (STEM) project aims to provide solutions, develop designs, scientific thinking skills and design-oriented work with easily accessible materials by associating STEM applications with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics while solving the problems that our students encounter in daily life.

Daily life problems are brought together with our students based on a scenario. If you encounter this problem, how would you solve it? This question actually helps students empathize with the story character.

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People have always had the desire to learn more and achieve greater life skills. In the 21st century, it has become easier to gather information and as a result, the information age has arisen with the developing technology. Today’s world expects people to be productive. In order for individuals to be productive, new and different programs need to be applied to encourage people to question, think and create more.

Therefore education system needs to transform accordingly. In the 21st century, the competition in technological development has been accelerated.

In the USA and the member states of the European Union, many programs and projects were started for the reason of creating educational approaches which provide attainment of skills, preparing students for life, putting importance on the necessities and skills of modern business life. The latest program among them is STEM education and its applications. STEM education means integrated Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education.

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Problem awareness: If there is a problem, there is an improvement!

We always say health comes first. Because without health, material wealth and nothing in life matter. As long as a person is healthy, he can develop. However, there are some factors that affect this development. The most important are needs and problems.

One of the primary goals in education is to raise individuals who can solve problems. It can be helpful to both themselves and others. Approaches such as IBSE, PBL, Design Thinking, STEM are applied to gain problem-solving skills. The most basic factor that ensures success is to make students good observers and make them aware of the problems.

Creating problem awareness

We use cyclical steps such as the Design process and Innovation process in all activities in the Technology and Design course. But the first step of these processes is always the Problem. However, a student who understands and defines the problem well can be successful in the continuation of the process. To achieve this, we dedicate 1-2 weeks of Design Thinking to the problem phase only.

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