Coding to improve my neighborhood

Author: Álvaro Molina

This STEM activity has been designed in order to contextualize the use of mathematics and statistics to understand the needs in our daily life at the same time the students learn to code and they code to learn how to improve their local environment. Using the microcontroller micro:bit, the work is focused on improving the bike lane next to our school. In several sections, a road crosses the lane in a poor visibility area for cars. The students have made a model to propose a regulated bike lane with sensors that prevent cars and bicycles from another vehicle is approaching. In addition, a micro:bit has been used to count the number of bicycles that pass through this site in order to promote the use of this sustainable transport.

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STEM teacher trainer training

STEM Educational Training Program: 5 days of STEM trainer training for 30 teachers in the branches of: Science, Primary Mathematics and Information Technologies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics who work in disadvantaged schools in the district of Çarşamba, Salıpazarı and Ayvacık in Samsun.

What is STEM Education? Industry 4.0 and STEM Education connection.

Day 1

General information was exchanged about the history of STEM educa-tion. Then, the connection between 21st century skills and STEM educa-tion was discussed. In the third session, activities emphasizing the importance of the non-routine thinking structure were held, and in the fourth session, the sample STEM activity prepared at the Minesota STEM center was implemented.

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Irrigation system with STEM

Author: Nihan Çinar

On the first day, I read to my students a story called “The Flower of the Sea” that I wrote. I said that Deniz will go on vacation with her family and that her flower will be left alone at home.

I asked them to think about how to water the flower on its own. I gave them the opportunity to read the story on their own as well.

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STEM Mixer!

Author: Laura Fernández Alonso

Colegio Corazón de María, Gijón (Spain)



In this eBook lots of resources from different sites, including Scientix repository, are included.

Cover of the eBook ‘STEM Mixer’

When my headmaster proposed me to teach bilingual technology in 3rd year of ESO (15 years old), I was wondering … how to make this subject something attractive and useful for students following the established curriculum?

At first it seemed impossible mission but soon I put myself in the position of student and I asked myself what they are asking: “teacher, what is this for?”

And what I came up with…was what I tell you in the book!

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