Science Festival 2018

Science Festival On 8 March, the Science Festival was held once again in the walls of our school. We hosted specialists from various fields of knowledge: natural sciences, humanities and social sciences. We were visited by lecturers and doctoral students of Warsaw universities: Warsaw University, Warsaw Medical University, SGGW. The program of the Science Festival also includes attractions prepared by our students: Science Escape Room, presentations, experiments, geocaching, which has already been traditionally prepared by the European Club, operating at XXXV LO im. B. Prusa.


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About renatasoloducha

Employee of XXXV LO B.Prus and the Center for Information Education and Computer Applications in Warsaw. A graduate of the University of Podlasie in Siedlce. Biology teacher, currently also a consultant teacher at the Center for IT Education and Computer Applications in Warsaw, in the Laboratory of Teaching Technology Center. She took an active part in the international IT for US project. She co-operated with UNEP GRID Warsaw Poland on an international project, the aim of which was to popularize the use of information technology (ICT) and geoinformation (GIS) in the teaching of natural sciences. Author of many scenarios using ICT, an enthusiast for the use of technology in natural science education.