“STEM holiday Novruz” as part of “STEM in Azerbaijan” project

STEM holiday – Novruz is full of refreshing nature. We’ll celebrate Novruz STEM traditions with all students of our republic Azerbaijan. The holiday of Novruz, which marks the coming of a new astronomical year and the reawakening of nature, has always been the Azerbaijani people’s most cherished holiday. But according to tradition, people begin to prepare for this holiday from the last month of winter, continue the holiday celebrations with the arrival of the equinox and carry on celebrating into the New Solar Year. Novruz in Azerbaijan has always been a spring holiday that celebrates the revival of nature, moral purity and equality. It was and remains primarily a holiday of the Sun and its earthly representation, Fire. There are a lot of STEM events throughout the Festival of Novruz.

The STEM Azerbaijan project was one of the official partner projects of STEM Discovery week 2018. Within the framework of the international project, we intend to implement the STEM holiday Novruz project together with the teachers who have been named STEM teachers of the republic. Our project has been officially added to the SDW18 – Activities’ map.

http://www.stemazerbaycanda.com/”STEM Azərbaycanda” layihəsi beynəlxalq STEM Discovery week 2018 -in rəsmi tərəfdaş layihələrindən oldu. Beynəlxalq layihə çərçivəsində “STEM holiday Novruz” layihəsini respublikanın STEM müəllimi adı almış müəllimləri ilə birgə həyata keçirmək niyyətindəyik. Layihəmiz rəsmi olaraq SDW18 – Activities’ xəritəsinə əlavə olundu.

Elnara Marandskaya adlı şəxsin şəkli.

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