Astronomy in Novruz holiday

Modern people celebrating Novruz – by jumping over fires, cracking eggs, trying to gain the favour of the characters Kosa (beardless), the goat, and Kechel (bald-headed) – don’t have any idea about the ancient essence of this festival. Today, people think they do this for enjoyment, but when deeply researched it becomes clear that all this is a reflex response to ancient beliefs, such as Tengrism and Shamanism. For example, a woman germinating samani, cooking Novruz sweets and cleaning, isn’t aware of any ancient mythological rituals; she is simply continuing a tradition. Although sometimes this holiday has changed its name or form of celebration, its function is still to celebrate the astronomical “new year.” Throughout history Novruz has drawn different attitudes from rulers and believers, who sometimes prohibited this holiday because they considered it beyond Islam.

But the Novruz holiday is connected with nature – it’s a holiday of nature, which is why the celebration of Novruz lasts for a month. In ancient Turkic mythology the name and divisibility of months is different. For example, there are three months in winter: the first is Boyuk Chilla (the 40 cold days of winter from its beginning until 1 February), Kichik Chilla (a 20-day period beginning from 1 February and lasting until 20 February) and Boz ay (the period of the Novruz holiday, from 21 February until 21 March). During Boz ay there are four Tuesdays: the first is called “Water Tuesday,” the second is called “Fire Tuesday,” the third is “Air Tuesday” and the last is “Earth Tuesday”. People begin to celebrate the Novruz holiday from the first Tuesday.

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