Why is Novruz a holiday of STEM?

Novruz is a seasonal holiday symbolizing the awakening of nature. The features of this holiday are all connected to STEM. That’s why we can say that Novruz is a STEM holiday. I wish success to teachers who joined our project. Hopefully, we will work on a mutually beneficial project for our students and other schools from different regions. School No 221 from Baku is preparing for SDW 2018 with great pleasure. Here are some links to event videos:

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I am STEM PD ambassador from Azerbaijan. Also I lead "STEM in Azerbaijan" project from 2017's year. I'll be very glad to join different STEM projects . I want to see my students an active, tolerant and happy as a world citizen. Good luck all of you! Best regards from land of fire Azerbaijan! http://www.stemazerbaycanda.com https://www.facebook.com/groups/1961230137497861/

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