The StarT public voting ‒ sharing the joy of learning!

The LUMA Centre Finland invites everyone to take part in the public voting of StarT. The videos of the StarT projects of seven different themes and the best educational practices have been released on the Youtube channel of StarT. Have a look and let project-based learning and great educational practices from all around the world inspire you! 

StarT was founded by the LUMA Centre Finland network and its collaboration partners in honour of Finland’s centenary. StarT is organized annually – for the first time it was organized in the school year 2016-2017. That year over 800 learning communities from 36 countries around the world participated in StarT! StarT supports interdisciplinary, phenomenon-based learning and is aimed at children and youngsters all the way from early childhood education to high school.

In StarT children and youngsters from schools, kindergartens, and extracurricular activity groups learn together by carrying out interdisciplinary projects. Carrying out projects related to their own interests and ideas is an exciting way to learn for children and youngsters of all ages.

The students learn together and from each other through collaborative working. The projects allow science, mathematics, and/or technology to be naturally incorporated with art, sports, languages, history, social studies, home economics, and many other subjects. Ideas for the projects can range from everyday phenomena to complex issues in the society – or even out of this world – the space. The projects can be shorter inquiries or long-term explorations, entire school courses or even stretch out through the entire school year. Through StarT projects students can also learn about the significance of science, mathematics, and technology in society. Carrying out projects may also spark new interests and open up new thoughts in terms of career choices!

The videos of the StarT projects and best practices that the national and international learning communities have produced during the school year of 2017-2018, have been released on the Youtube channel of StarT. The videos celebrate the joy of learning and share the excitement of students’ own discoveries with everyone in the world!

The goal of the national and international public voting is to share joy and ideas but also to make it possible for everyone to participate. Everyone can vote simply by liking their favourite project or best practice video on Youtube before the 8th of April!

Your likes will be considered when the nominees for the best projects and practices of 2018 are chosen by the StarT jury, so voting really pays off! The winners of the public voting will also be awarded with a diploma in the international StarT gala. The international StarT gala is the grand final of both the national and international StarT every year, and this year it will take place in Tampere on the 5th of June 2018 as a part of the national LUMA days.

Everyone is warmly welcome to come along to participate in StarT! You can participate in StarT next year, and registering for StarT 2018-2019 opens in May. Read more on our webpage and remember to vote for your favourite video before 8th of April on our Youtube channel


Direct links to international public voting:

Best practices:

Best practices -international

Best practices -national

Projects by themes:

National projects

Nature and environment

Mathematics around us

Stars and space

Home, culture and internationality


Technology around us

This works: Mobile toys


More information about StarT:

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