STEM Discovery Week 2018 in our school

This year, in my school, Școala Gimnazială Nr. 9 „Nicolae Orghidan” Brașov, between 26th and 30th of March, an event dedicated to STEM education was organized for providing opportunities for learning STEM topics to young students – aged 6 to 11.

For five days, the students  visited companies, met engineers, doctors or scientists, made experiments discovered on Scientix Resources section and created posters.

On the first day, the students visited the National Bank of Romania headquarters in Brașov in order to understand the relation between STEM and financial education.


In the second day, students aged 10- 11 visited Schaeffler Romania S.R.L . ( Schaeffler Romania is a company which is specialized in industry and automotive. During the visit, the students met STEM professionals, asked questions about the products and saw how the workers and specialist worked together to move the world! Now, they know more about STEM professions.

The third day was dedicated to experiments! The students were teachers for one day: they prepared an experiment and made it with their colleagues. Then, they  presented the conclusions to their peers. All the experiments were made by the children and they enjoyed the activity a lot as they understood better some STEM phenomena!

On Thursday, one student from the local University of Medicine was invited to talk to the children about his future job. He held a course related to human body and hygiene and taught the students how to maintain their health.

 The last day of the week was dedicated to our eTwinning ( and Erasmus + ( projects. The students worked on some STEM activities based on Scientix resources, visited the TS and presented their work to other classes.

Finally, one poster session was organized and the students presented their experience after one whole STEM activities dedicated week.

Join STEM Discovery Week 2018 and tell the world about it! Good luck!

Cornelia Melcu, primary school teacher, Scientix ambassador for Romania


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About corneliamelcu

Cornelia Melcu is a primary school teacher in Brasov, Romania. Additionally, she is a teacher trainer of Preparatory Class Curriculum, Google Application in Education Course and European Projects Course. She is mentoring newly qualified teachers and trainee teachers. She is also Scientix Ambassador in Romania, eTwinning ambassador, ESERO consul and an award winner in several competitions (eTwinning Awards and national competitions). She has received European Quality Label for her eTwinning projects and coordinated one Comenius project. Cornelia si currently involved in Erasmus+ programme, using extracurricular activities and projects to motivate her students.

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    • Really interesting! I run some projects related to MI theory too. Could you please tell me more about iEdapts? Thank you,

      • We are creating STEM apps using MI theory for kids struggling in these areas. Since music is the universal language we decided to start our delivery of MI with this method.

        We will use all eight modalities along with VR, AR and AI to engage and focus children on their studies.

  1. Very interest in communicating with you to expand our concept and reach into other nations. Getting a differ perspective from other students outside the US.

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