Azerbaijan Space party events on April 12

WORLD Aviation and Cosmonautics Day on April 12! So another STEM holiday week is ahead. Are you ready to prepare a “water rack” with your students and test them in the yard of the school?Azerbaijani STEM teachers and their students will do it whith great pleasure.

• PROJECT • Investigation of reactive movement
Theoretical information. The fascinating practical application of the impulse conservation law is a reactive act. You know what jet activity is from the 6th and 8th grade physics disciplines:

● Reactive motion is when the body moves in the opposite direction when it moves with a part of it. For example, rocket movements are based on the principle of reactive movement.
Principle of the rocket operation. The missile is a closed system of cover and fuel. Covered pipe, one side closed and one side is open. A soplo was worn to release the burning gas on the open side of the cover. When the rocket is turned on, fuel burns into high pressure gas. As the pressure of the gas is high, it is thrown into the atmosphere at a great speed from the rocket’s sling, and the rocket shifts to the opposite side .

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The start of the “water rocket”

Supply: plastic bottles (1 liter), water (0.5 l), fungus goggles, pneumatic and pneumatic pumps that blow air to the ball.
The course of action.
1. Pour 1/3 of water into the bottle, close the mouth with a plug, place the bottle upwards on the rack so that it is at 40-50 ° angle to the horizon.
2. Quickly hit the bottle with the needle pumping needle. After a few minutes in the bottle
“Exciting” events happen and the “rocket” is at a great pace
“To heaven”
Note: The “rocket” can be used to design the surface of the rocket, making it possible to paste additional details from the top of the bottle with a rocket image.

Questions for students:
What is the reason for the “rocket” acceleration?

What kind of speed can this speed be calculated?

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