STEM Discovery Week 2018 at Kareas High School

At Kareas High School we are going to take part in STEM Discovery Week 2018 with two activities/workshops:

1.Using the micro:bit to light up LEDs, change their brightness and play music.
We will build an electric circuit with the micro: bit, fruits and other conductors of electricity that will light up LEDs, play notes on a buzzer or our headphones and change the brightness of the LEDs. We will study the concepts of Open, Closed Electric Circuit, electric power source, electric current, earthing, electric conductors and insulators parallel and serial resistor connection, and from computer science the concepts of Input, Output, repetition, Event-Oriented Programming.


2. Temperature alarm for egg hatcheries.
Using the micro:bit
we will build a temperature alarm for egg incubators. Concepts to be studied are temperature measurement from first and second year physics, and from programming the selection structure, logical operators and / or and the visual directional programming.



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