“STEM EE (Environmental Education) project” – The world without waste

STEM Discovery Week 2018 at our school.

This year, at my school, “Iordache Cantacuzino” Gymnasium School Pascani, an event dedicated to STEM education was organised between 26th and 30th March to provide opportunities in STEM subjects for young learners aged 6 to 14 and to make the link with Ecological Education (EE).

For five days, students learned about depleting resources, renewable resources, waste, met with environmental specialists, made experiments they discovered in the Scientix Resources section and created posters.

On the first day, students watched films about selective recycling to understand what it means to have a clean environment and get new products through recycling, how many resources can be saved if we know how to use waste.

On the second day, students aged 6 to 14 met with STEM professionals, asked questions about products and substances, and saw how workers and specialists work together to change the world! Now, they know more about the STEM professions.

The third day was dedicated to experiments! The students were one day teachers: they prepared an experiment and they did it with their classmates. Then they presented the conclusions of their colleagues. All the experiments were done by the children and they enjoyed the activity very much as they understood better some STEM phenomena!

Thursday, the students planted flowers in the courtyard of the school and made a flower train, created costumes from reusable materials, made a parade of costumes. They realised how necessary STEM is in everyday life.

The last day of the week was dedicated to our eTwinning projects.

Students worked on some STEM-based Scientix resources, visited the TS, and presented their work to other classes.

Finally, a poster session was organised and the students presented their experience after an entire weekly activity dedicated to ETS STEM activities.

Sign up for STEM Discovery Week 2018 and tell the world about it! Good luck!

Angela Rotaru, primary school teacher, Scientix Ambassador for Romania.

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