Teaching English via STEM

Hello from Hasan Ali Yücel Ortaokulu,

Today, we had an activity focusing on the effect of science on learning with 5th grade students.  We divided a paper into 12 boxes by drawing. We painted each two boxes in same colour. It was an enjoyable activity to paint the paper in different colours. We wrote the names of animals inside the boxes. Then, we imagined the animals in the colour of their boxes and created a story by making the connection between two animals of the same colour. For example, For the green box: we wrote “fly” and “frog”. Our story was that: There is a green fly flying over the lake. A green frog sees the green fly and tries to catch it. The green fly flew away. The green frog is hungry and sad. We imagined the story in our mind and heard the voices of the green fly and the green frog. We felt a pity for the green frog. We did similar things for other animals,too.

Finally, it was time for a game. I had a paper only with colours, not with the names of the animals. Each turn, three students came up to the board. I said the name of a colour to each of them. The student had to remind themselves of the animals in that colour and had only 5 seconds. It was really exciting and challenging.

It was interesting that the students went on asking about the colours to each other even during the break time.

The aim of the activity is the following. When we set up a story or any connections related to a word that we want to memorize in our brain, learning becomes more easy and enjoyable. Using the colours as tools for connection made the event more challenging. They also reinforced the meanings of the colours.