The exhibition “Discover Arduino!”

The exhibition “Discover Arduino!”

The project: Creative robotics workshop
Date: 24.04.2018 -25.04.2018
Location: Laboratory of Computer Science, room 20, Technical College “Gheorghe Cartianu”, Piatra-Neamt
Participating Classes: 9G, 10F, 11K, 11G, 12G (90 participating students)
Organization Team:
1. students:
-Irimia Alin Constantin, Irimia Petru Dorin –  11G
-Azoitei Adrian Constantin, Badanga Alexandru Nicolae, Mihailescu Lucian, Nistor Ciprian Alexandru – 9F
-Azoitei Andrei,  9G
2.teachers: Horlescu Gabriela-Brandusa, Stanciu Carmen Simona
The works presented maked with the help of the educational platform Arduino:
– the Blink app
– Arduino Solar Tracker
– Arduino – Traffic Light Simulator
– automatic irrigation system
– line sensor
– servo motor
– HC-SR04 sensor – ultrasonic sensor
– Dual L298N Motor Driver Module
– Graphic LCD 84×48 – Nokia 5110
– Obstacle Avoiding Robot
– Arduino Line Follower Robot
– Bluetooth Controlled Robot Using Android Mobile
– light commercials
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