Arduino safety system for bikes made at IC9 Bologna

On April 26, 2018 the “Ardubike” project was completed and tested for the next School Maker Day exhibition that will take place in Bologna on May 12.


Five third grade students attended an optional lab for 30 hours (3 hours per week) organised and conducted by Luca D’Agostino, professional educator at IC9 Bologna lower secondary school.

In this lab, students have been learning how to use the Arduino board, how to connect  sensors to the board and how to program the board with Mblock.

The final project developed with these tools is a safety system for a bike, that includes lights, turn signals and a fall alert based on a compass position control. (S.A.F.E. , Signal Alert of Fall Embedded).

turn signal light

The system includes:

    • LED stripes for front and back safety lights and turn signals
    • A joystick for turn signals
    • A potentiometer for lights with 4 intensity levels
    • A compass to check the vertical bike position and put on the alert signal when it falls off.


Link to the school website