Stars’ Light

Here is our STEM Discovery Week 2018 activity! „Stars’ Light” is a Go-Lab Inquiry Learning Space I implemented with a class of 16 students on 20 of April 2018, in order to demonstrate to them the connection between numbers and fractions they learn about in mathematics class, poems they learn about in literature class and velocity, stars and light concepts they learn about in physics classes. This space helps also to understand the space-time relationship to an astronomic level.


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I am Mathematics teacher in a secondary school from Romania. My students are 11-14 years old. My present job as a teacher gave me the opportunity to involve my students in many school partnerships. I developed my expertise in project management, communication and self-assessment through my projects. The ability to initiate and to successfully implement educational partnerships, as well as the seriousness working in team with my partners, present additional pluses to reveal my professional training. Project “LYPS - Let Your Passion Shine” was the winner of the European eTwinning Prizes 2014 competition, age category 4-11, and was nominated best eTwinning project 2014.