Using 3D Printer – Grindin Telescope Mirror in Kuşadası Makbule Hasan Uçar Anatolian High School

24.04.2018 – Using 3D Printer – (By using a 3D Printer, students will learn how to print pieces of a Robotic Arm). Grindin Telescope Mirror – (Students will learn how to grind the mirror of a telescope and how to focus the light).



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· 2006 Joined a symposium on “Total Eclipse of the Sun and Astronomy” coordinated by TÜBİTAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) . It is the birthday of Astronomy · 2009 İstanbul Kültür University “A workshop on Amateur Telescope Making and Astronomy Symposium” · 2011 Took his 8 students abroad under the name of a Comenius Project about Astronomy. · 2012 He was assumed the title of “Galileo Teacher” after the “GALILEO TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAM” coordinated by Sabancı University . · 2015 He had a week training in Switzerland – CERN about Particle Physics · He has been in charge of workhops since 2008 which is coordinated by TÜBİTAK . · ESO – European South Observatory Türkiye Local Coordinator (Aydın) Furthermore, he is bringing the scientists from NASA and Oxford together with the Turkish students among all cities by e- conferences by kind permission of Ministry of National Education. · He is observing Saturn's Ring, Satellites of Jupiter, Craters of the Moon, Meteoric Showers and transitions of different comets with his students