WEBINAR: Ocean Health

OCEAN HEALTH Webinar (9th April at 15:00 PM CET) English language explanation and tremolo guitar.

You will know marine observation and the routinely collection of certain parameters (temperature, nutrients, phyto and zooplankton, etc…). Oceanographic centres work in order to determine the health state of our seas and to predict future scenarios. The analysis of the information collected is fundamental to decide which strategies must be followed to conserve the health of the waters of the planet Earth. Knowing the functioning of the sea is the first step to take care of biodiversity, and students and general population will be an ally in defending the health of the oceans. Speaker: M Carmen García Martínez researcher at the Spanish Institute of Oceanography

“Náyades” is a song tremolo guitar in the key of minor G; it is dedicated to water. Express a desire for protection and conservation of the seas and nature .This message accompanies the webinar as a background. Composer: David Yañez Sanahuja.

The Global Science Opera 2018, a CREATIONS project, develops the need to take care of the waters of the planet Earth as One Ocean. We focused during the webinar on the importance of the routinely collecting ocean parameters and carrying out work in the field of STEAM in relation to the waters of our seas.


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