Online competition “Mathematics and Art: Shadow”

It is a specific online competition, which connects mathematics, IT and art. The purpose of the competition is to develop key competences and popularise  mathematical instruments in front of a wide audience. The competition is a motivating tool for students to learn new knowledge and create their own environments and artworks.

To enter the competition you must fill in the data and attach an author’s photo or a dynamic file. There is no limit to the number of models that anyone can participate in. Each entry is self-registered. There are no age restrictions for the participants. After the deadline for participation, the works will be displayed in a voting gallery. There is a limit for voting from one address to 1 time a day. At the end of the second stage, the winners selected by the jury as well as the most liked work from the audience will be announced.

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Neda Chehlarova

Graduated of the University of Forestry in Bulgaria with masters degree as a business manager with professional teacher qualification. Manager of Tonediko. I have participated as a moderator in various workshops and performances such as the Night of Scientists and the Sofia Science Festival.

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