Skype meetings

Ukraine, Zalishchyky State Gimnasia, Natalia Grushko

During the STEM Discovery Week, Skype meetings were held with schools in Armenia and Lviv. We talked about our achievements in STEM, in particular, we demonstrated how 3D print is possible. A student of the 10th grade, Dmytro Luchyn, described how he creates designs for 3D printing. He told about Tinkercad, a programme that allows you to create 3D models and designs. Also, Dmytro showed his products printed with 3D printer. In turn, the students of the Armenian school demonstrated to us their paper models of various geometric shapes. They are fond of origami. The students of the Lviv school told us about their phyto-painting, which they have created for a computer science room. These meetings were very interesting and useful.

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My name is Natalia Grushko. I am a teacher from Ukraine. I live in a beautiful town called Zalishchyky that is washed by the Dnister River. I have been teaching Maths and Computer Science at gymnasium. I have taken part in pedagogical skills contests. I prepare students for competitions. Also, we write research papers together. We are actively engaged in project activities. I am happy to have such a wonderful profession. I have some hobbies. I like traveling very much because, as for me, it is great to meet new people from other countries and learn something about their culture and customs. Travel opens me up to brand new experiences. Also, I enjoy cooking and taking pictures. In addition, I really like solving logical tasks, mathematical puzzles and sophisms. I am creative and sociable. I enjoy taking part in various projects and finding interesting colleagues and friends. I am open for cooperation and communication. I will be glad to acquaintance.