Play and explore electricity and magnetism, STEM workshop for children at Mensa Serbia


To celebrate STEM Discovery Week at Mensa Serbia, we organised on Saturday 28.4.2018 a STEM workshop for children from 7 to 12 years named “Play and explore electricity and magnetism”. This workshop organised my colleague Mirjana Tisma and I, as founder of SIG UcenIQ (Special Interest Group) at Mensa Serbia. Our SIG is dedicated to students and improvements of IQs.

Throughout the game and the exploration of objects surrounding us, we experimented with them by drawing conclusions about electricity and magnetism. By using a real electric circuit and magnets, we explored materials around us and sorted them into insulators and conductors, metals and non-metals.

We recorded our observations as true scientists in order to draw conclusions about the phenomena around us.

We used one of the Univ. of Colorado’s Phet simulations which you can find on Go-lab , to conduct an inquiry lab involving electricity.

Using special (free) simulations, we presented the children closer to what the naked eye can not see – the amount of charge and the electric field, as well as the direction of the current flow. Thus we present the possibility of better learning through the use of ICT this time through research on the simulation.