STEM Discovery Week at National College “SFANTUL SAVA”, National Institute for Laser Plasma & Radiation Physics (INFLPR)

At the National Research and Development Institute for Lasers, Plasma and Radiation Physics (INFLPR, 409 Atomists’ Street), specialists presented crystals, laser applications and various scientific experiments to the students. I present below the impressions of some students following the visit.
Emilia: “The helpful staff was the fact that differentiated our visit from a trip to a museum, where the information given would have been the same, but presented in a much more tedious manner. Their willingness to answer every single question which could have occurred in our minds, their dedication for work, as well as the desire to share their knowledge made our visit in the world of physics fascinating. Thus, in the three-hour tour we had learnt impressing things about the way crystals and ceramics are made, and we had the opportunity to watch plenty of experiments involving the fourth fundamental state of matter, the plasma. Even if you are not passionate about the subject, the team managed to present the topic in such an interesting way that it would have been extremely hard to not be moved by their vast knowledge and commitment to what they work.”
Maria: “I have recently had the opportunity to visit the Institute of Atomic Physics with my colleagues. I was impressed with some of the activities that were taking place there.”
To begin with the positives: there were many amazing gadgets that really won my interest, I got to watch how crystals are made, how laser works and how our brilliant scientists try to come up with solutions for the major problems that are affecting our ecosystem. The staff was eager to answer all the questions we had about their projects and about their experience as scientists.
Final thoughts: I found it interesting, it is worth visting the Institute at least once, because you go home with a baggage full of information. However the building itself needs some improvement because it did not look like a prestigious Institute.

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