#WomeninSTEM : National Education Day in Indonesia

Today, 2 May 2018, is The National Education Day in Indonesia. As a science teacher, I am so grateful that I still could dedicate myself to this contribution. Based on a survey, Indonesia is in 35th place in terms of education quality, while Switzerland is 1st, Singapore is 2nd and 3rd is Finland. So, it will be a long journey for us to strengthen our educational value and implementation, especially for science subjects.

At the same time, my paper that is entitled Bio-pesticides has been released by the International Students Conference for the ASEAN economic community. I will tell you about the paper. It explains the reuse of tobacco that will be used for pesticides. We used distillation method to get the tobacco liquid, then mixed it with some water. So, we will get the pesticides formulation. I and my team succeeded in bringing those pesticides to use on chili plants in Temanggung.

Throughout the research, we shared our values so they can be reused in something that can be important in the future. Because we don’t inherit this Earth from our father, we borrow it from our children. I am very impressed with the announcement today. Hope you will get inspired by the way I dedicate myself through research and writing.