“Bubble Day” – 1st Kindergarten of N. Redestos, Thessaloniki, Greece

Our “Bubble Day” was part of our eTwinning Project “Let’s Play focused on Coding and Stem”. The same day, the same activity took place at the 6o Nipiagogio Sikeon, Thessaloniki, Greece, and at the Knyaz Boris I Primary School, Shumen, Bulgaria.

We wanted also to have parents involved, so two weeks ago this message was addressed to them.

The response was not expected! Children came to school with so many different bubble wands!!!!

Before starting making bubbles we tried to stimulate children’s interest and discover their previous knowledge about bubbles. So we had a conversation about “What do we need to make a bubble?”, “What is a bubble’? Students realised that we needed soap water, something with a closed shape (a wand) and that we needed to blow. The bubble is a something that contains air. The children made predictions about the size and the shapes of the bubbles we would have. “Can we have a bubble with a heart shape from a heart bubble wand?”, “Which bubble can make the largest or the smallest bubble?”. Children also make remarks about the bubbles (They are transparent, they break very easily, they glitter, they can fly, they have the shape of a sphere, etc).

Since we’d like to have a diffusion of our programme, all the classes of our kindergarten took part in this funny activity. Whoever did not have a bubble wand from home, tried to experiment with school items, e.g. a pair of scissors, or clothespins!!!

We had so much fun!

Back in class children talked about their predictions.

Really, we can have large bubbles from big bubble wands and small bubbles from small ones.

But we can’t have heart or polygon, or star, or flower shaped bubble wands! All the bubbles are like spheres!

We can have one bubble a time but we have many at the same time from a bubble wand with many holes.

Our bubbles broke easily!

Sometimes we did not have to blow. A bubble was made by the air!

The soap water was not good for our eyes!

Children tried to describe all these moments on paper!

It was a great day for students and teachers too!!!!