SDW 2019 in Azerbaijan

Greetings to everyone. I am Aliya Ahmadova. Finally, SDW 2019, which we long foresee, begins. I am the manager of the “STEM Azerbaijan” project supported by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan. As a project manager, I intend to provide active participation of Azerbaijan’s STEM teachers in the STEM Discovery Week 2019 events. For this purpose, we decided to organize the “My best STEM Lesson Plan” competition.

Regulation of “My best STEM Lesson Plan” competition :

Who can participate?
Natural-technical and primary class teachers of general education schools of Azerbaijan Republic.

How to choose threads?
In order to support the overall lesson process, teachers are advised to choose one of the topics that they are teaching in April. An optional STEM topic may also be selected on the teacher’s request.

What are the main requirements for the lesson plan?

  • use different STEM resources developed with the help of pupils;
  • Build a plan and process 7E training model or PBL;
  • The extent to which the result, model or prototype of the lesson is important for everyday problems;
     – Pass the lesson based on the course plan and upload photos and videos to the main sections (up to 14 minutes of a YouTube video, photos should be of good quality).
  • The curriculum is collected in the Word program, and pictures taken from the course process are placed on the appropriate sections. The link placed on a YouTube channel is also included in the lesson plan.
  • The final lesson plan prepared in the above order is sent to
  • Images taken from the lesson process and the link posted on the YouTube channel are also shared on the Facebook page of the project “STEM Azerbaijan”.
  • The course plans and YouTube videos that you have prepared for the “My best STEM Lesson Plan” to be performed within the framework of the STEM Discovery Week 2019 events should be available on April 19-27.

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I am STEM PD ambassador from Azerbaijan. Also I lead "STEM in Azerbaijan" project from 2017's year. I'll be very glad to join different STEM projects . I want to see my students an active, tolerant and happy as a world citizen. Good luck all of you! Best regards from land of fire Azerbaijan!

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