STEM Discovery Week 2019

I am a vice-principal and a computer science teacher from Turkey. We are organising 3 STEM week activities in 6 Nisan Anadolu Lisesi (6 Nisan Anatolian High School ) between 22.04.2019 and 28.04.2019. Our activities are now in the STEM Discovery Week 2019 Map.

1. Natural Sources

The EU’s definition of bioeconomy is “sustainable production and processing of biomass for food, health products, fibre products, industry, and energy” European Network For Forest Pedagogy, internet-platform that intends to develop as an European-wide forum for information and communication about forest pedagogics, offers basic frames of standards to describe what is required in order to deliver environmental education for sustainable development. The standard describes six steps of pedagogical approaches with activities to increase environmental maturity; learn to enjoy outdoors, experience and observe nature, understand the ecological web, understand the interplay between man and nature, make decisions on environmental issues, be responsible for nature.

In this lesson plan, I want to use make a project to save trees, save livings on trees. Students will research about the loss of trees, its consequences, and make a project for saving trees. Students will learn about tree loss Students will learn what bioeconomy is. Students will make a mindmap about products made of woods. Students will research about tree loss and its consequences. They will examine their cities and compare with other cities. Students will find out that in the last 10 years tree loss is increased in our cities. Students will analyse products and choices that harm trees. Students will create a project that will help save trees. They will prepare a model to present it. Students will peer review their models. And take notes to improve their models. Affective learning outcomes Students will present their models on social media and share their models with firms in a visit. Students will make a role play to analyse choices that harm trees. Students will prepare models. They will present their works in the classroom. We will also share the outcomes on a blog and social media.

2. Solving Problems Using Technology

Students will determine a problem and solve it using robotic technologies. Students will prepare models solving problems. They will present their works in the classroom. We will also share the outcome on a blog and social media.

3. Augmented Reality of Social Activities

We will organise social activities during which we will take photos and videos and we will create materials using augmented reality. We will present it and try using tablets and share our experiences using blog and social media.

Teacher: Işıl Gülmez
School: 6 Nisan Anadolu Lisesi
Bursa / Turkey

We are planning to organise social activities, take photos and videos and we create materials using augmented reality which we will present later.

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About isilgulmez

I am vice-principal also a computer science teacher in a high school. I am STEM coordinator of Bursa from Turkey. I have PHD degree on educational management. I am also an ambassador of Scientix. I am interested in integrating STEM subjects to learning. As a computer science teacher, i am participating and conducting national and international projects.

2 thoughts on “STEM Discovery Week 2019

  1. I’m a primary school teacher in Edirne Enez Cumhuriyet Primary School. We did the following activities in 25 April 2019 STEM Discovery Week:
    We designed 4 materials aiming to draw attention and leave a mark on the field of recycling food. We designed “Rain Collecting Purifier” to transforming rain water to drinkable water, “From Fruit Rinds to Fertilizer” to save rotten or uneaten fruit or fruit rinds, “Recycled Animal Food” to prevent stale bread to become trash and provide food for Street animals and also “Banana Miracle Cream” to make use of the banana rinds and to use the beneficial parts of the banana.
    For our project, we used various sources such as Science Coursebook of 4th graders, and The information that our coursebook provides such as there is a waste of 5 millon kilos of bread in Turkey is one of the things that has inspired us to start this Project.
    After we prepared our materials, we invited the other students of our school and all the parents to present our project materials and we displayed what we accomplished on 24th of April, 2019.
    What we aimed for our students to learn during this project is identifying a problem by using brainstorming, searching for information and collecting data; designing a material fort he solution of the problem and finally presenting the outcome. This process helps the students to learn by experience.
    This project is really good fort he students’ learning process. The students discover how to collect data and then analyze it. By designing the materials, students develop their skills on Maths and Engineering also they learn to combine the two fields. In addition, the project enables the students to develop their self-confidence by presenting materials to audiences.

  2. Hello, congratulations for your activities. I think you should post in a seperate blog

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