Our 7th-grade students are going to present their “STEM Electricity project”. The project also includes concepts of social responsibility, awareness and saving.

The students created a living space project by associating what they learned about the way the electrical circuits were connected with the problems they encountered in their daily life. They built a walking track, shopping centre or playground by using the lighting system. They used led lamps to prevent light pollution. They tried their circuit design in their tablets by using “phet collorado electricity simulations”. 

The pedagogical value of my activity is that they apply and try their electricity circuit design by using simulation, they have an opportunity to make mistakes and control their electricity design and they are also independent learners in this activity. If you want your students to know what they need on their own, they must be independent learners. They can search for some websites about their design, they make cooperations also. This is a reason why other teachers should try using that method.