My Plan(eT)- Building a space habitat in the classroom

The students, 11 girls and 18 boys, aged 6-7 have participated in an eTwinning project called My Plan(eT) .

The first step for students was to create a profile of a new planet. To achieve that, they applied their knowledge to carry out their tasks. They created products related to their imaginary planet’s special features. They collaborated in order to create joined products. After they chose the name of their planet, they described it and presented the flora, fauna and inhabitants and they built a shelter for the inhabitants of the new planet called Planet Happiness.

Between 15th and 19th of April we organized a series of STEAM activities dedicated to the STEM Discovery Week 2019 and during this week the students built a space habitat for the new planet. The first event was the ”Experiment Day” as the pupils asked a lot of questions related to scientific phenomena occurred in the Universe. We run some experiments related to water, air and simple chemical reactions. One of the main aims was to combine and connect the promotion of language skills with the use of scientific experiments so I used this Scientix Repository’ s resource:

The next event was the “Technology Day” – because the students identified digital skills as very important for surviving in the future. We used appropriate tools for young ages – as KAHOOT and SCRATCH. The children were really quick in picking up the commands and they enjoyed the event so much!

The last event was dedicated to building a space habitat for the new planet, based on this Scientix resource:

The children put together everything they had achieved related to how to survive outside the Earth and found out more about how scientists created their projects for human shelters in the Universe. Based on those, they chose the material (paper/carton, clay, building blocks) and they worked in groups of 5 on building their shelter. Despite their young age, the students were able to explain their project and to present it to the class and they really enjoyed it! They promissed that in the next school year we will build one of the shelters, in real size, in the classroom or in the school yard!

After one week dedicated to STEM, my young students decided that Science is very challenging and interesting!

Cornelia Melcu, primary school teacher, Scientix ambassador,
Școala Gimnazială Nr. 9 „Nicolae Orghidan” Brașov, Romania

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Cornelia Melcu is a primary school teacher in Brasov, Romania. Additionally, she is a teacher trainer of Preparatory Class Curriculum, Google Application in Education Course and European Projects Course. She is mentoring newly qualified teachers and trainee teachers. She is also Scientix Ambassador in Romania, eTwinning ambassador, ESERO consul and an award winner in several competitions (eTwinning Awards and national competitions). She has received European Quality Label for her eTwinning projects and coordinated one Comenius project. Cornelia si currently involved in Erasmus+ programme, using extracurricular activities and projects to motivate her students.