What is like to be scientist? What is like to be chemist?

The students of 8th grade from “Ioan Vlăduţiu” Secondary School found out the answers to these questions thanks to the meeting with Paul Cristian Martian, a student of the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Babeş-Bolyai University and a volunteer in the Caravan which promotes the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. For the students, it was an opportunity to interact with a student of this faculty and to learn about a possible career in chemistry.

Paul Cristian Martian answered the following students’ questions:

  • What did you do in middle school and high school to prepare for university?
  • What other things are you doing to prepare for your career?
  • What is university really like?
  • How did you decide that this was the college you wanted to attend? Who helped you?
  • What types of courses are you taking?
  • How much fun is a university?
  • Do they take attendance in the classroom?
  • Is there anything about your high school years that you would change if you could?
  • Is there some advice you would like to share with students so they will not make the same mistakes?
  • What are the career options after graduating from chemistry and chemical engineering?

The responses received raise students’ awareness around STEM careers related fields such as the pharmaceutical industry (Gedeon Richter – Tg Mures, Therapy – Cluj -Napoca), the cosmetics industry (Farmec – Cluj-Napoca), chemical fertilizers industry (AZOMUREŞ – Târgu Mureş), battery production, food industry, etc.

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