Series And Parallel Circuits

87 students of 8th grade from Secondary School “Ioan Vlăduţiu” Luduş, Mureş County, Romania, have learned during two weeks (18.III.2019-02.IV.2019) about the parallel and series circuits with the “Electrical Circuit Lab” from Go-Lab / Next-Lab platform

The didactic scenario ( is based on INQUIRY LEARNING SPACE (ILS): SERIES AND PARALLEL CIRCUITS, resource on the Scientix platform (  The lessons have been integrated into the school curriculum.

Organised in teams, they performed inquiry tasks such as identifying variables, making predictions, conducting experiments and drawing evidence-based conclusions. The students designed experiments with a virtual circuit and found the equations that govern the behaviour of the serial and parallel circuit. At the end, they have created a presentation or a final report of their work, in which they included concept maps, hypotheses, observations etc. All the presentations and the reports have been saved and uploaded to the Inquiry Learning Space.

Lorena Elena Olaru, secondary school teacher of Physics, Chemistry and ICT, Scientix ambassador for Romania

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I am secondary school teacher of Physics, Chemistry and ICT, Scientix ambassador for Romania, Innovative Educator Expert at Microsoft Romania, and Esero Romania consul (European Space Education Resource Office). I am addicted to teaching and I am always looking to improve my teaching and learning skills. I have a particular interest in using ICT in the classroom and I love to share ideas and resources.