Together for the Global Goals

STEM Discovery Week 2019

The aim of this project is to:

– develop competencies that empower students to reflect on their own actions, taking into account their current and future social, cultural, economic and environmental impacts, from a local and a global  perspective

– integrate cultural heritage into science lesson

– enhance 21st – century skills in students learning including communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity

By implementing the ideas above, we have prepared a few mini projects. The activities took place between February and April 2019.

Digitally illustrated climate change – working with Europeana Collection and Pulitzer Center Education Resources 

Using text from “Losing Earth” by Nathaniel Rich and George Steinmetz (published in the New York Time Magazine) and a work of art or image from the Europeana Collection, students created a visual that conveys a part of the history of the climate change debate. Students shared their creations on their personal accounts – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook to showcase all students’ creations together.

Through their stories and the choices that they made, students gained a better understanding of the effects of climate change and our capacity for resilience.

Causes and impacts of climate change – creating and sharing posters

In “Losing Earth,” Nathaniel Rich and George Steinmetz tell the story of climate change through text and photos. Students analyzed the causes and impacts of climate change and created posters using photos from the article. They shared the posters on their personal social media.

Walk like a journalist

On March 15th, students joined the largest climate protest in history which was led by an empowering sixteen-year-old from Sweden. They conducted interviews with participants and created videos.
It was really inspiring to see young people fighting for a better world.

Celebrating World Water Day 2019

Students participated in the fantastic Skype Session from the depths of the ocean with the Center for Coastal Oceans Research Florida International University. They learned about and visited Aquarius, an undersea laboratory and home for scientists studying the marine environment.

Celebrating World Earth Day 2019

Planet Earth and Universe

Students made the video Planet Earth and Universe. The video has been made by students to celebrate Earth Day 2019. They show the beauty of our planet and invite their peers to start protecting our environment today and create a healthy, more sustainable future. It is about time to make a difference. The premiere took place at our school on April 5, 2019 and was attended by students and teachers.

EDUarctic – Journey Across the Arctic

Students participated in numerous virtual classes conducted by scientists. They had a great opportunity to increase their knowledge about nature, geography, natural resources of the polar region. The transmissions have been very interactive. Scientists involved pupils actively by encouraging them to ask questions and to perform given assignments.

Working on the global project ‘ Be the change, take the challenge 1819’

Students from all over the world have joined the project to boost their digital skills and brainstorm problems their communities face. All the issues students come up with are related to at least one SDG or many of the Sustainable Development Goals. Students were asked to think of solutions to problems they have found/selected using a variety of digital tools (creating posters, developing campaigns, making videos, sharing them with their peers around the world). Microsoft Teams is the main collaborative workspace.


After all these activities, our students:

· are able to understand that people from different cultural background might interact in different ways

· can create positive change in their communities

· consider global problems and behaviour of other people from multiple points of view.

Νew technologies have made a significant contribution to the implementation of the project. A variety of digital tools have transformed teaching into an attractive and dynamic process.


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