Creating Voltron In STEM

Definition: The name of our project comes from the fact that the movie called Voltron and expresses the power of the association. Industrial development includes activities for STEM studies in the field of education aimed at adapting. Students will be able to identify problems and problems in their environment and produce solutions. Students will be able to get information about the STEM professions of the future by bringing together the students with the people who are educated in the field of engineering and performing this profession

Aim: To unite the importance of teamwork with the power of STEM education.

Participants and Mass: Our project is an international eTwinning project. Turkey is one of 10 different places, from Azerbaijan through Greece from Poland and Romania are located participants and cooperation of all levels of classes of school.

Why did we study this topic? We had no studies on STEM in our curriculum. For this reason, we wanted to do STEM study by combining the achievements in our curriculum. Moreover, this study has been carried out by internationally working with 15 schools from 5 countries.

Method: We started to brainstorm between teachers with common documents. Pre-test and post-test were done to the students before the study. A semi-structured interview guide was used to obtain the opinions of the students. The questions in the interview guide were asked about the students’ opinions on the subjects such as cooperation, STEM, future professions. In the study, discussion, exploration, station work, on-site incident investigation, STEM study, technology literacy, inter-generational transmission, lectures and rhythm studies and debating techniques were applied.

The Work Plan:
LOGIN: Start-up surveys, meetings 8 August-30 September
What is STEM, watching Voltron cartoon, school interviews 1-5 October
European Code Week studies 8-21 October
Space-themed STEM work 22 October-26 November
Successful scientists November 27 – December 26 STEM work on technology-themed 20 December-31
Professions of the future 4-15 February
STEM studies on healthy living theme 20 February – 5 April
STEM Discovery Week 01 – 29 April

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  1. This seems to be a great platform for young students who aspire to become engineers, technologists, scientists, and leaders in the future. In fact, we require more and more of such kind of platforms where we facilitate young minds with technology, science, and education.

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