MINTGirls@JFG 2019 – STEAMGirl@JFG 2019

On March 29th the second edition of MINTGirls@JFG (MINT is the German translation for STEM) took place. More than 50 girls from primary schools (3rd & 4th grade) around the Jakob-Fugger-Gymnasium in Augsburg took the challenge and enjoyed a perfect STEAM-afternoon! Several STEAM related workshops have been prepared for them by female STEAM-teachers and femal students of the school.

1000 flyers were sent off!

Embedded in the STEM Discovery Week of European Schoolnet and in the immediate vicinity of the German Girls’ Day there were interesting and exciting hands-on offers in workshop form around mathematics, computer science, science and technology. As the only member school in the national MINT Excellence Network (MINT-EC) in Augsburg, it is particularly important for us to kindle the enthusiasm for the STEM topics, especially among girls. However, the Girls’ Day offers only for students from the 5th grade onwards a chance to participate and we try to close this gap.

They were able to choose between various actions from the field of STEAM, which the teachers together with their students (6-9 grades) prepared, such as:

  • Building musical instruments
  • Look into the secret world of cells,
  • Program games with SCRATCH
  • Mathestars geometry on the tablet
  • Bookmark sewing workshop
  • Modeling and designing in the pottery cellar

Some impressions:

Geometry with geogebra and cells under the microscope

Each primary student girl has to choose two different workshops and during the break we took care for perfect repowering with cakes and drinks…