Print 3D to help Visually impaired students

Students (11-12 years old) from the 4o Dimotiko Sxoleio Pefkis, Athens-Greece are participating in the Erasmus KA2 program Print3D. The aim of the program is to use technology and more specifically 3D printers to design and print objects to help the integration of visually impaired students at school. #PRINT3D #erasmusproject

Activity1 : School’s Name in both Braille and Greek characters

Students worked in groups and, thanks to using Tinkercad, they designed their school’s name both in Braille and Greek Letters. Each group designed a cube with specific dimensions. Then they exported their designs to stl in order to print them in the 3D printer.

Activity 2 : Design and 3D print school’s floor maps

Students used Tinkercad to design 3D floor maps of their school. First, they drew the floor plans on paper and after that, they used Tinkercad to create 3D designs. Then they 3D printed them!

Activity 3: Create a neighborhood map for visually impaired students

In plenary, we used Touch Mapper – a web tool to create a tactile map without buildings of our school’s neighbourhood. Students used the 3D design generated from Touch Mapper and uploaded it in Tinkercad where they added the 3D elements they thought that might help visually impaired students. This group of students chose to add their school, a small park, a municipal gymnasium and a sport stadium, and of course their houses! The new neighborhood tactile map was then 3D printed and painted.

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  1. We have being designing objects to print for helping visualled impaired for the last 3 years in our School in Spain. We will like to get in touch sometime.

  2. Wow! I am really impressed Georgia ! Congratulations!

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