Sustainable Development Activities during the STEM Discovery Week

Sustainable Development Goals is a very important topic in the last few years. During this school year, our school team is coordinating and participating in the eTwinning project about SDG education in school. During the STEM Discovery Week, we organized several activities for different students to teach about sustainable development and show the importance of these goals. But the most important thing is how students can help in reaching these goals.

The first activity is The Worlds Largest Lesson “Let’s become food heroes”. We used resources from the UN webpage about SDG education (you can find a link in the end of this post). This lesson was organized for 5thgrade students. SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) is quite a difficult thing to understand (especially if you are a small child). And we needed a way to make it easier. This resource is perfect for it. We have connected what they eat during lunch or dinner with saving our planet from poverty, climate change and inequalities. All students get their certificates at the end of the lesson that shows that they are ready to become our planet heroes.

Next day we organized a big quiz for 7thgrade students about SDGs. Of course, the level of their knowledge in this topic was limited. We made a quiz with special questions that provide information about goals integrating things that they already know. For example, showing a video in which celebrities are talking about SDGs and asking students to name as many as possible celebrities they saw. This was really fun and useful time during Easter break in school.

Link to lesson resource: